SM-6000EV, e.Label and ESL Étude de cas: Kaaskenner

First Pilot Cheese Connoisseur Store opens in the Netherlands with SM-6000

Kaaskenner carries a wide range of in- house cheeses from locally and abroad, freshly roasted nuts, dried fruits and fine wines. The store founder has 30 years of experience and is DIGI’s long-term supporter for 29 years.

The founder was happy when we introduce the SM-6000 & ESL to them. He mentions “It’s the technology that is professional and modern that goes with the time”.

Moreover, the scale comes with a 2-in-1 thermal printer with linerless auto-cutter solutions. It benefits them as they can use either receipt or linerless roll duo function with the same printer. Linerless for prepacking purpose during store closing time and receipt roll for some scales are used as POS with the integrated features.

Next to that, e.Label’s with Hi-Touch is used to reduce the time needed for searching and call up article. With so much special cheese types this system is a big advantage for the operators and is reducing the serving time, especially on busy days around the weekend.

Other special features to highlight that value adds for in-store operation and customer experience:

  • Customer liability system: customer can accumulate points on purchase by coupon printed by the scale.

  • Barcode scanner can be linked to the scale for various function such as to register products like wine on a fast and error-free way and to scan the customer membership card and InfoTags.

  • Scales can be connected to electronic payment terminal and external party software that handles the article maintenance, ingredients / allergen, reporting, customer liability system and invoicing.

  • Outside store operating hours, the scales are also used for prepacking customer delivery orders.



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