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A practical, versatile printer scale




  • Digital printing scale with both electronic cash register function and label printing function.
  • High-speed, high reliability thermal head printer.
  • Easy paper handing achieved with special designed mechanism.
  • Built-in clock automatically updates date and time.
  • Quick response to weight changes.
  • Calibrating by software.


Customer and operator displays

  • Optional customer pole display
  • 202 x 32 pixels FSTN type LCD with back-light for numeric digit and character display

Flexible memory options

Choose from three memory options: 
- 2M (up to 8300 PLU numbers)
- 4M (up to 18000 PLU numbers) 
- 8M (up to 38000 PLU numbers)



  • sm320_WP05_01
  • sm320_WP05_02
  • sm320_WP05_03


Model SM-320
Capacity 3/6 kg 6/15 kg 15/30 kg
Display resolution 1/3000
Memory 2M (standard) 4M or 8M (optional)
OP Display 202 x 32 pixels FSTN type LCD with back-light
CU Display Tare Weight display: 4digits, Weight display: 5 digits, Unit Price display: 6 digits, Total Price display: 7 digits
Number of Preset Keys SM-320B SM-320P
32 56
Standard Interface 1xRJ45; 1xRS232; 1xRJ9 Cash drawer
Printer High reliability thermal head printer
Resolution: 203dpi
Max Printing Width: 56mm
Max Paper Width: 60mm (receipt) / 60mm (label)
Printing speed: Maximum 105 mm / sec
Life span: 100 million pulses, 100km or more
Power source AV 100V~240V ; 50/60Hz
WIFI (Optional) WIFI IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n




Bench Type

386 (W) x 406 (D) x 159 (H) mm

Pole type

386 (W) x 484 (D) x 452 (H) mm.