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Delious Pico

Wild Market Food and Bar


Delious PICO and Cloud Solution to complement Wild Market’s Food and Bar unique business concept

“A robust POS solution is essential to meet our daily operations challenges.”

- Ms. Irene, Floor Manager.


Business Needs:

A practical, compact and high performance point of sale terminal that can be configured individually to meet different stalls requirements for swift transactions turnaround.


Solutions & Benefits:

The Delious PICO presents several value-added features such as a built-in receipt printer and elevated customer display. It enhances operational efficiency and provides flexibility for operators to streamline operations processes.
It is also integrated with DIGI's Cloud back office, allowing users to monitor and analyse sales report remotely, at their convenience.

The interactive customer display reflects real-time ordered items, promotes timely communications and elevates customers overall dining experience.


“Customer's voice”

Ms.Irene, shared that they have adopted a Gross Turnover concept, that allows them to share a portion of their total revenue based on individual sales.
A robust Cloud solution that provides online access to every individual POS system conveniently online, for retrieval of sales for individual stalls, increases operational efficiency for reporting.

The owner of Barnyard’s (Wild Market tenant) shared that he is pleased to work with Pico as it offers an “all-in-one solution that is compact and user-friendly”, complementing Wild Market’s space saving concept.

He also shared that the built-in printer eliminates the need of having an additional kitchen printer. The user interface can also be configured accordingly to suit different business preference.

The Wild Market team is satisfied with the after-sales service support provided by DIGI. “The technical team does a good job and promptly helps with our requests” and were pleased with the service.

Ms. Irene mentioned they would want to partner with DIGI for future expansion and integration of other product ranges.


Customer Profile

Company: Wild Market Food and Bar
Country: Singapore