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Delious WIZ PLUS and ESL

Fredo’s Baker


Fredo’s Baker integrated Delious WIZ PLUS and ESL for in-store digitalisation

Nestled in one of Singapore’s oldest neighbourhoods, Fredo’s Baker is a homegrown bakery that offers a plethora of delectable baked goods ranging from cakes and tarts to breads and cookies.

The heartland gem is helmed by Alfred Chan, a veteran pastry chef and owner who believes in bringing smiles to all his customers through his baked delights.

Alfred is no stranger to DIGI’s hospitality solutions, as the bakery has been using the IPT-300 POS system before deciding to upgrade to the newer Delious WIZ PLUS.

Delious WIZ PLUS’s smaller footprint perfectly complements the cosiness of the bakery, while freeing up additional counter space to showcase more baked delights.

On top of its compact design, the feature-filled POS system also comes with a comprehensive range of integrated solutions that are beneficial to the bakery’s daily operation as they help the business to become more manpower-lean and productivity-driven.

One of the most beneficial features of the Delious WIZ PLUS is the “Favourites Tab” feature that enables you to select and display hot selling items.

This is extremely vital to the business as having the ability to display popular PLUs on the same tab helps to reduce the time and hassle to search and speed up the process for every transaction.

Apart from the Delious WIZ PLUS, DIGI’s T@POP electronic signage solution has also helped to transform the way the bakery operates.

Prior to the T@POP’s installation, pricing update was painstakingly done by the owner himself as he spent precious hours writing labels by hand.

The introduction of DIGI’s T@POP not only shortens this time-consuming process, but also allows the bakery to offer a greater product variety as the updates can be done directly from the POS system.

By streamlining the daily operations using these DIGI solutions, the bakery can keep its costs in line while having more time to focus on exciting customers’ taste buds to make them come back for more.


Business Needs:

  • POS system that can streamline daily operations



  • POS system with Digital Signage Display



  • Intuitive user interface

  • Centralised management of sales and item maintenance

  • Swift and accurate price updates



Delious WIZ PLUS
Electronic Shelf Label


Customer Profile

Company: Fredo’s Baker
Country: Singapore