SM-6000 SSP with e.Sense In de praktijk: Jumbo

Cencosud reshapes bulk shopping experience with DIGI’s e.Sense solution

Founded in 1963, Cencosud has become the most prestigious retailer in Latin America, with businesses in supermarkets, home improvement, department stores, shopping centers and financial services.

More than half a century later, this Chilean retail conglomerate has expanded its operations to other parts of the region such as Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Columbia.

With sustainability being one of the key focal points in its business model, Cencosud’s supermarket brand Jumbo implemented a bulk food section called Mundo Bio in 2020. Aimed to capture the rise of eco and health conscious customers, this new bulk section features more than 1,200 packaging-free healthy products.

Although the use of biodegradable containers at this bulk section has been effective in cutting down excessive use of plastic packaging, the similarities between products have caused inconvenience to customers at the weighing stations as they were unable to locate the right item on the weighing scales. This in turn led to longer queues while causing inaccuracy to the product inventory.

Through this insight and close observational studies on Mundo Bio’s operation, Managing Director of Famadich Ms Gloria Chacon proposed a combination of DIGI’s e.Sense solution with the SM-6000 SSP self-service weighing scale. With this new solution offering, the product code of the selected item is automatically sent to the SM-6000 self-service scale when the built-in sensor detects a motion on the dispenser’s level or lid.

This streamlines the weighing process significantly and reduces human errors as shoppers no longer have to spend valuable time searching through the vast selection of products on the weighing scale or rely on store staff to aid them, which is a common struggle faced by many elderly customers.

Daniel B., a 71 years old Jumbo customer shared, “I am extremely pleased because the correct product was shown on the scale without having me to search for it.’’

Benefits of this new technology were felt right away on the day of the installation as customers were able to enjoy the simplified weighing process which encourages them to integrate bulk shopping into their lifestyle.

41 years old Jumbo customer, Felipe Barranco shared, “It is great that Mundo Bio has a wide variety of products but as I am often in a hurry, this solution makes my shopping experience better. I think this new way of using a self-service scale would encourage people to use this section more because now it is so fast and easy.”

Furthermore, the overall accuracy of product inventory at the Mundo Bio has improved within just months of using the e.Sense solution. Inventory movement can be monitored more accurately without having to deploy additional manpower at the bulk section.

On top of this, the SM-6000’s linerless labels further complements Cencosud’s sustainable business model by eliminating liner waste.

This successful installation is just the beginning as Cencosud is set to deploy this innovative solution in 55 stores by second quarter of 2022. The retail giant is also looking at strengthening their environmental commitments by introducing DIGI’s eco-focused Bring Your Own Container solution to their Chilean customers.


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