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Allseas Sushi


Allseas Sushi relies on RGW-5600II to simplify their daily operation

Founded in 1986, Allseas Fisheries has grown from a small local seafood wholesaler into one of the largest seafood distribution companies in Canada. Servicing all areas of the food industry, from the finest hotels and restaurants to both chain and independent retailers, as well as caterers and banquet halls.

Owner operated, Allseas is fully committed to providing the highest quality fresh and frozen seafood available. Through their global network of suppliers, they source the finest seafood from all corners of the world, delivering it fresh to your table. Allseas services and delivers to the entire GTA, from London to Oshawa, including the Niagara region.

All Allseas fish is imported exclusively from Japanese ITSUMO Sashimi Plants to their sushi assembly facility. It is then prepared to the highest of standards. Each artful Japanese sushi creation is packed in specially designed packaging to ensure the fresh and delicious taste that only real Japanese sushi can offer.

With DIGI’s RGW-560II, Allseas is able to provide beautifully packaged goods with clear detailed product information on a tightly secured label that allows you to see the product clearly.

With the RGW-560II, retailers don’t have to compromise between presentation and information. The RGW-560II product strap banding label with printing on demand provides a sleek and visually appealing solution.

Allseas now enjoys a clear display of their sushi trays with no blockage by the label while still being able to display complete ingredients and nutritional facts. The machine is also easy to operate and can fulfill their 24 hrs / 3 shifts busy operation.


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Company: Allseas Sushi
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