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Spargelhof Willemsen - ZEGRA


Spargelhof Willemsen Harvests Success with the W-5600SRX

Spargelhof Willemsen (Zegra), are now the proud owners of the first DIGI W-5600SRX in Germany! The 4th generation family business specializes in the harvesting and packaging of white and green asparagus.

With the expansion of their asparagus cultivation area from 10ha to now over 100ha along with the new construction of the production halls in 2020 and 2021, the business processes an impressive 750,000 kg of white asparagus and 150,000 kg of green asparagus annually.

In the asparagus season from April to May, this equates to about 200,000 packages being produced within a short time-frame. The products are in huge demand with over 30 sellers at the stalls, 150 harvest workers and 50 employees in sorting and packaging.

The customer, Mr. Willemsen, contacted DIGI Germany in early September with an inquiry for a machine to package asparagus on 500g cardboard trays. After DIGI staff visited the Spargelhof Willemsen production facility and saw their two old machines were not working correctly and causing efficiency and quality issues, Mr. Willemsen became very interested in the capabilities of the W-5600SRX machine.

A fast machine calls for fast installation!
Following a successful demonstration by a DIGI and conversion of the machine to Zegra’s requirements, the order was placed within the same month. The installation of the machine was then completed just over a fortnight later. The speed of initial inquiry to final installation – less than 7 weeks – was an important factor for the growers, as it allowed for minimal downtime in between seasons.

One SRX replaces two machines for 150% productivity increase
Mr. Willemsen says the results speak for themselves - with an impressive production speed of 50 packs per minute - as opposed to the previous two faulty Fabbri Automac machines which were only producing 20 packs per minute. This meant an instant increase in productivity. This reduced labor requirements for packing that can now be reallocated more effectively. Additionally, the versatile and seamless transition to zucchinis in the same 265mm x 130mm trays meant packing in the same skins outside of the asparagus season can reduce downtime and consumables all year round.

DIGI Germany hopes to continue inspiring new customers with the success the W-5600SRX has brought to Spargelhof Willemsen.


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Company: Spargelhof Willemsen - ZEGRA
Country: Germany