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State-of-the-Art Weigh Scale with Built-in Limit Checking



Características principales

DSX-1000 comes equipped with an easy-to-read, 7-inch color LCD panel that helps prevent weight check errors by clearly displaying the weight and setting values.
The scale automatically checks the weight against preset upper and lower limits and notifies the user that the weight is LOW, OK, or HIGH with indicator lights and a built-in audible alarm.
Its full-featured printing functionality (for built-in printer models) lets you better manage the weighing process by providing a print-out with a serial item number, the check result, and the tare amount.
DSX-1000 has a standard RS-232 interface for sending weighing data to a PC or an optional external printer. The interface can also be used to control other equipment.
DSX-1000 also features a large 270.9 x 198.4 mm weighing platter.


Example of a System That Uses Set Points

The set point output (two points) can be used to fill a container with a fixed amount of liquid or powdered raw material.



  • DSX-1000_WP05_01
  • DSX-1000_WP05_02
  • DSX-1000_WP05_03

Single interval tyle

Capacity 1/3,000 1/6,000 1/7,500 1/12,000 1/15,000
Max. 600g e=0.2g e=0.1g e=0.05g
Max. 6kg e=2g e=1g e=0.5g
Max. 15kg e=5g e=2g e=1g
Max. 30kg e=5g e=2g

Multi-interval type (Display resolution: 1/3,000)

Capacity Minimum Graduation
Max. 600g (0-300g)-0.1g (300g-600g)-0.2g
Max. 6kg (0-3kg)-1g (3-6kg)-2g
Max. 15kg (0-6kg)-2g (6-15kg)-5g
Max. 30kg (0-15kg)-5g (15-30kg)-10g
Internal resolution :1/300,000
Weight sensor :Local cell
Power Source :AC 100V~240V.
Operating Temperature :-10℃/14F~+40℃/+104F (OIML).
Operating Humidity 15~85% RH.
Power Consumption :22W when using AC power.
:33W when using AC power with printer.



Built-in Printer Model


DSX-1000P has a built-in thermal printer. It prints the various weighing data on a receipt, so you can have an accurate record of every measurement.



DP-255AT (External Printer for the DSX-1000)

DP-255AT is an external dot-matrix receipt printer for printing weighing data from the DSX-1000 via the RS-232 interface.
It prints statistics such as the maximum value, minimum value, average value, and the number of measurements.
By including the MAX and MIN limit settings received from the scale, the printer can also be used for creating weight measurement reports.

Preguntas frecuentes

  • How do I check the weighing data on my PC?
    You can use weigh scale communication software (sold separately) to display the data on your PC. You can also save the data in CSV format.