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A tabletop tray sealer with integrated weigh-seal-label functionality

A tabletop weigh-seal-label system that improves productivity and operational efficiency of sales counters.

Efficiency and added-value for counter sales

Sales clerks can use idle time to pack and stock prepacked items, allowing them to focus on providing excellent customer service during peak time. 

Top seal packing reduces plastic use

Rather than wrapping film the whole way around the tray, this machine utilizes top seal packing, which attaches a sheet of film to only the top of the tray. This leads to a significant decrease in film usage compared to conventional wrapping methods. The environmental impact can further be reduced by using trays made from recycled materials.

Weigh, seal, and label with a single machine

Only one machine is needed for weighing, sealing, and labeling, leading to increased productivity. It’s a solution that provides increased value for consumers operators, and the environment.

Space-saving compact footprint

The footprint of SWS-6000e is 60 cm (W) x 84 cm (D). Its compact design allows it to be easily placed in narrow spaces, such as behind the sales counter.