SM-5300 series with ESL Case Study: Diamantis Masoutis S.A.

Masoutis, first technologically advanced supermarket chain with DIGI ESL

Masoutis, a wholly Greek owned company that ranks among the elite supermarket chains in the country with an annual turnover of over 900 million euros have recently decided to operate stores in Athens.The company was founded in 1976 and till 2018, Masoutis has operated solely in the northern part of Greece, leaving the Attika region to competitors.

The decision for the company to expand was made through a buyout of another supermarket chain Promitheftiki. To attract new customers and make the lives of their staff easier, Masoutis had to come up with a new idea!

Masoutis supermarket chain has always been a company that is open to try new technologies and innovative ideas. Prone to these advancements, they were very keen to hear new idea of electronic shelf labels in the fruit and vegetable section of their stores in Athens.

Masoutis’s management is pleased with DIGI’s electronic shelf label as it is seamlessly easy to implement into their existing systems and with our global partner, Chronografiki supports with in-depth knowledge and professional services provided, they are satisfied.

Masoutis is the first technologically advanced supermarket chain to install InfoTag on such a great scale and it is also a win for the industry of electronic shelf labels. Companies and industries in Greece are slowly but steadily adhering to the ease of use and benefits electronic shelf labels provide in a long run for lucrative market.

Masoutis has an agreement for installation of 28 stores in the pipeline with 22 of their existing stores for upgrading. Anticipation of smart solutions to transform the supermarket store in Greece has been make possible.

Inaugurations of Masoutis’s stores’s will include only PC based scales, linerless technology and finally electronic shelf labels by DIGI.


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