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SM series, e.Label and Queue management solution

Unicoop Tirreno


DIGI solutions change the rules of the game for future retail supermarkets

Located in Central Italy, Unicoop Tirreno is part of Coop, one of the biggest retail chains in Italy. Unicoop Tirreno owns “Il Mercato di Livorno” and decided to renovate and downscale the store size to recreate a traditional Italian market experience for their customers.

With focus on sustainability, design and technological innovation, the store integrates fully linerless labels, which was uncommon in Italy. The customer really appreciated the linerless solution as it provides better-looking labels that resize accordingly to the content of the PLU and it gives a nice cut thanks to the auto-cutter feature on the scale.

Mr. Federico Tanesini, Managing Director of DIGI Italia, who handled the installation of this project, shared that SM-6000 is for high-end users, who want to add design and new features to the store concept. He managed to convert the store’s scale systems to DIGI products and solutions.

Before using DIGI products, customers were not aware of the problems they had. To name a few: slower machine response and less interaction between the various equipment.

Recognizing that DIGI has more integrated solutions than competitors, such as e.Label with Hi-touch, linerless printers with auto-cutter and unique design of SM-6000, they decided to change their scales. In Italy, customers like the appealing look of SM-6000 design and colour. Most importantly, the simple user interface allows the user with little or no experience to operate the scale easily.

Customers gave a positive feedback saying SM-6000’s operational panel, placed on the right, offers greater transparency by clearly displaying products on the scale platter. They commented that e.Labels with Hi-touch will bring great convenience for the Deli Counter, creating a digitally augmented environment.

In addition, DIGI’s linerless labels with 300dpi printing not only offers 26% cost reduction and more labels per roll, but it also provides easy readability for elderly with clearer print resolution.

Business Needs:

  • Renovate and improve the store design

  • Improve productivity at the counters



  • Install scales with premium design to increase focus on products

  • Reduce waste and offer flexible label layout with Linerless solution

  • Ensure a quick and easy price update with DIGI e.Label



  • Save time for price update at the counters

  • Reduce paper waste and ensure an easy roll change

  • Improved label layout flexibility and print quality



13 units x SM-6000EV
19 units x SM-5300
2 units x SM-5500G
2nd Phase: 200 units x e.Label for Deli Counter
Queue management solution



Customer Profile

Company : Unicoop Tirreno - Retail chain
Country : Italy
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