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USA's First AI Scales Speed-Up Checkout and Boost Customer Satisfaction 

Tops Market #115 located in Lewiston, NY has been owned and operated by the DiMino family since 1998. Anthony and John DiMino have made it their mission to upscale and create a convenient shopping experience for their customers. The store features top quality meats, seafood, produce, frozen foods, deli, bakery and more.

Like any business, Lewiston Tops is always looking for new innovative ways to help satisfy their customers. This means cutting-edge technology, like DIGI’s SM-6000AI Self-Service Scale to showcase the advantages of the store.

Tops in Lewiston, NY is the first Supermarket in the United States to install and implement DIGI’s SM-6000AI Self-Service Scale in their produce department. DiMino’s overall goal was to improve customer satisfaction and increase productivity at the checkout lines.

“Customers really love the scale; the ease of use attracts the customers.” says Assistant-Non Perishables Manager John DiMino.

Customers not only enjoy the user-friendly advantages this scale provides but are amazed how the scale easily recognizes the item. The user sets their produce on the SM-6000AI and within seconds the scale tells them what the item is. With just a touch of a button their label is printed with price, weight, dates, etc.

A common issue John noticed customers facing before the installation of the SM-6000AI was forgetting PLU numbers. DIGI’s AI scale eliminates that issue as there is no longer a need to type or remember PLUs.

“We love it, no complaints on our end. We appreciate DIGI and everything they do for
us. We love everything DIGI makes and are very satisfied with the customer service they provide.”

The installation of the AI Self-Service Scale has provided Tops Market with an innovative solution to increase their operational efficiencies and most importantly improve customer satisfaction.

“We appreciate the partnership we have with DIGI.” says John DiMino.

As a single store operation, this did not affect the purchasing of Tops Market overall. From this installation, Tops Markets has chosen to move forward with DIGI SM-6000 Self Service in their core stores.


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Company: Tops Friendly Markets
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