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Trayless packaging system



Ana Özellikler

SWS-5600 is a high-performance trayless packaging system designed for operational comfort and environmental friendliness. It benefits consumers by using paper sheets in place of trays to save space in the refrigerator, and also reduces packaging waste. The system is easy for workers to use, contributing to increased productivity and smooth labeling of packaged product. Label consumption and waste disposal requirements are reduced through use of linerless labels, another environmental plus.


Trayless packaging for low environmental impact

SWS-5600 is an environmentally-friendly packaging machine that benefits consumers by using paper sheets in place of trays to reduce waste. It increases efficiency of wrapping and labeling operations without need for great change in work configurations. Use of trayless packaging makes products more compact, making it easier for consumers to carry them home and requiring less storage space in refrigerators. Trayless packaging also reduces household waste.


Greater work efficiency

Label content can be checked on the display at any time, helping to prevent labeling errors. Weighing and packaging are done automatically at rates of up to 16 packages per minute. Security of packaging is assured by sealing sheets with heat welding on all four sides. Reduced need for film roll replacement increases productivity, as does the larger operation panel.


Reduce your cost and environmental footprint together

Labels are automatically cut to length according to quantity of product information. Eliminating label margins helps reduce running cost. Use of linerless labels minimizes waste disposal requirements, helping to protect the environment. CO2 emissions are also greatly reduced by using paper sheets instead of trays.

Teknik Özellikler


  • SWS-5600-WP05-1
  • SWS-5600-WP05-2
  • SWS-5600-WP05-3


Multi-interval Single interval
Capacity Max 6/15kg Max 3/6kg Max 30 lb
Scale interval e=2/5g e=1/2g e=0.01 lb


Label type Thermal paper


Net weight Approx 85.5 kg