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A practical, functional scale with cloud connectivity



Ana Özellikler

The SM-120 is a practical, functional scale that gives you ultimate flexibility with labeling. Linerless labels are auto-sized to fit the label contents. You can easily display all the necessary information, including nutrition facts and allergens, while eliminating wasted label space that is common in labels of fixed size. The scale is capable of printing receipts as well. 

Cloud connectivity provides many benefits, such as remote maintenance. Enjoy additional functionality such as the 'floating clerk' and fiscal memory functions. SM-120 combines efficiency and reliability that will enhance the operations of your shop floor.


Linerless Solution & Allergen Printing

Many regions require clear display of nutrition facts and allergen information on product labels. Standardized label sizes do not account for varying lengths of information, which often results in wasted label space. Linerless labels are a single continuous label that are automatically sized to fit the information for each product. Less wasted space means less wasted labels.


Reliable Hardware

The SM-120's printer gives you more than 330,000 cuts per oil tank, making it virtually maintenance-free. The thermal head uses EPROM; the thermal head's serial number, accumulated printing length and number of cuts are recorded, and self dot diagnosis is available. All information can be accessed from the cloud. @Label cloud software can also connect with a partner auditing company to send data in the requested format. 60mm printing width with quick printing speeds of up to 110mm/s.


Fiscal memory function

A microSD card slot is equipped on the mainboard. Insert a 4GB SD card for fiscal memory. This function complies with the latest European fiscal regulations. Transaction data is also written into fiscal memory, and cannot be erased. 4GB provides storage for up to 10 years, and a PC tool is available to read the data.


Floating clerk

Up to five scales can be networked together, which is useful for price changes and for the floating clerk function, where users can start a transaction on one scale and finish the transaction on another.

Network connectivity & remote maintenance

FTP and TCPIP protocols allow for ethernet communication with a PC. DHCP protocol is also supported.

The SM-120 can receive remote setting and firmware updates, remote diagnosis, remote programming services, etc. For this scale, data structure has been changed to CSV format, and users can select both TCPIP and FTP protocols. Firmware updates, spec settings (141 and 142), hardware diagnosis (for 38 components) and PLU programming service can be realized remotely from HQ or DIGI cloud center, helping to reduce service costs.

Teknik Özellikler


  • SM-120LL-WP05-1
  • SM-120LL-WP05-2
  • SM-120LL-WP05-3


Capacity Max 6kg Max 15kg Max 30kg
Single Interval 1/ 6,000 e= 2g e= 5g e= 10g
Capacity Max 3/ 6kg Max 6/ 15kg Max 15/ 30kg
Multi Interval 1/3,000 e= 1/ 2g e= 2/ 5g e= 5/ 10g


Operator display FSTN type LCD with backlight 32x202 dots
Customer display FSTN type LCD with backlight  32x202 dots

Operation and general speciffications

Number of Preset Keys 56 32 56 56 72 120
Memory Capacity 2MB (Expandable up to 8MB)
Standard Interface RS232C, Ethernet, Cash Drawer control port, AC receptacle


Label Printing Size Max. 60mmW x 220mmH
Paper Width 60mm for Label   62mm for Receipt
Printing Speed-Label Up To 110mm/s






Pole Type


Dimensions (mm): 361(W) x 500(D) x 584(H) mm.

Elevated Type


Dimensions (mm):361(W) x 470(D) x 531(H) mm.

Self-service Type


Dimensions (mm):370(W) x 374(D) x 725(H) mm
(Optional):500 x 374 x 725

Hinging Type


Dimensions (mm):342(W) x 300(D) x 950(H) mm