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  • sm6000_WP01_02


    Let SM-6000 redefines user experience with our state-of-the-art innovation! Fully equipped with the latest technologies and enchanting features that provides smooth and efficient practicality for both operators and shoppers. Generate additional revenue and brand awareness with 15” high contrast colour customers display.

    Relish in the swift updating speed of e.Labels with Hi-Touch or InfoTags. The low-profile platter and anti-stick operator screen with capacitive touch is one of the many features designed for this model. 

    Reinvent the daily experience with the latest SM-6000 scale today!
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  • sm6000ai_WP01_01

    SM-6000 AI

    SM-6000 AI infuses enterprise-grade cognitive intelligence into retailers’ operations, delivering high accuracy and recognition speed for rapid product identification. This Edge computing technology grants high-speed performance and can be easily deployed in various settings such as Fruits and Vegetables, Dried Fruits and Nuts to identify loose and bagged produce. 
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  • SM-6000_SSR_WP01_01


    SM-6000 SSR/SSP redefines the new normal for self-service, offering a modern-day approach that brings speed, convenience and adaptability needed in this new era of retail.
    With self-service, shoppers can use a reusable container and purchase just the amount they need, reducing both food loss and plastic waste from single-use containers. SM-6000 SSR/SSP is an easy-to-use self-service scale that supports consumers' eco-lifestyle.
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  • rm5800bs_ai_WP01

    RM-5800BS AI

    RM-5800BS AI is a compact and user-friendly self-service scale AI scale that can be easily deployed in various retail settings to deliver efficient and intelligent operation for both loose and bagged items ensuring a frictionless shopping experience for customers.
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  • sm5300x_WP01_01

    SM-5300 X

    Rewrite expectations with the SM-5300 X.
    Combining high performance and versatility, this modern weighing solution is capable of fulfilling different retail purposes.
    • Easy-to-use and function-oriented user interface
    • Scalable configuration with future-ready solutions
    • Video playback for in-store promotions and advertisements
    • High resolution 300 dpi label printing
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  • rm6100_ai_WP01

    RM-6100 AI

    The RM-6100 AI is a compact and user-friendly AI scale that can be easily deployed in various retail settings to deliver efficient and intelligent checkout operation for both loose and bagged items.
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  • aw5600-2_WP01_01


    AW-5600ATII, çalışma konforu ve çevre dostu olması için tasarlanmış yüksek performanslı bir otomatik tartma-sarma-etiketleme sistemidir. Kolay ve basitleştirilmiş kullanımıyla iş yükünü azaltır, daha düşük maliyet ve daha küçük bir çevresel ayak izi elde etmek için film ve etiket tüketiminde tasarruf yapar.
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  • aw5600-2_aーi_WP01_01

    AW-5600ATII Auto-Infeed

    AW-5600ATII Auto-Infeed, kolay ve verimli çalışmanın yanı sıra, süper-streç işlevi sayesinde film tüketimini azaltıp, Linerless(Astarsız) çözümü ile etiket taşıyıcı kağıt olmadan çevresel etkiler göz önünde bulundurularak tasarlanmış, yüksek performanslı otomatik tartım paketleme ve etiketleme çözümüdür.

    Otomatik besleme konveyörü, manuel beslemeye gerek kalmadan tam hat içi üretim oluşturarak çalışma verimliliğini yüksek oranda  artırır. Esnek tabak çıkış yönleri, kullanıcılara alandan maksimum oranda yararlanmayı ve yüksek verimlilik elde etmek amacıyla makine yerleşimini optimize etme konusunda seçenekler sunar.
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  • aw5600cp-2_WP01_01


    AW-5600CPII is the basic model of the 5600 series, providing an impressive 30 packages/minute throughput in a reduced-cost design. Its compact form retains the full-spec 300dpi high-resolution printer and extra-large full-color touchscreen display that are standard with the 5600 series. The newly developed rotational labeler arm allows fully automatic application of linerless labels. Variations include models with manual or automatic label application.
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  • aw5600cpr-2_WP01


    AW-5600CPR II IWC, hat içi üretim için tasarlanmış ve tabak ortalama cihazıyla donatılmış, tam otomatik, entegre bir tartma/paketleme/etiketleme sistemidir.
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  • aw5600fx-2_WP01_01


    Flexibility is supreme in the latest generation of DIGI’s integrated semi-automatic weigh-wrap-labelers. Able to work with fragile trays, irregular shapes, and even items without trays, the AW-5600FXⅡ packs even more efficiency and usability into its small footprint. DIGI’s popular pick-pack system is complemented by new hardware enhancements such as a larger impulse heat sealer and double the air supply. The result is a durable, attractive package.

    Key Offerings: 
    • Flexible wrapping capability
    • An installation footprint of just 31.5” x 36.8” (800mm x 935mm)
    • User friendly extra-large 15" full color touch screen that reduces operator error
    • Maximum processing speed of 17 packs/minute
    • Linerless label use enables greater label customizability while reducing label waste
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  • DIGI linerless labels-WP01

    DIGI linerless labels

    DIGI's original linerless labels are designed to take full advantage of the functionality of our label printers and do away with the paper liners that used to be commonplace in label printing. In addition to there being zero liner waste,  label length is automatically adjusted to the amount of information on the label for each item, thereby minimizing label size. So, linerless labels simultaneously reduce the environmental impact of liner waste and make labeling less expensive and more efficient.
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  • dps5000ePlus_WP01_01

    DPS-5000e Plus

    The DPS-5000e Plus PC-based Prepack Scale Printer offers a space-saving and versatile solution. Boasting high-speed performance, it streamlines prepacking operations, ensuring exceptional efficiency without compromising on workspace.

    • Enhance efficiency with the Auto Linerless Dispenser Kit, streamlining workflow for continuous label printing
    • Accommodate a wide range of packing needs 
    • Small Footprint
    • Compatible With DIGI ESL & POS
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  • dps5600-2_WP01_01


    DPS-5600II is a high-performance pre-pack scale printer. It reduces work load with easy and simplified operation, and conserves label consumption by linerless label auto-sizing and auto-cut feature to achieve lower cost and a smaller environmental footprint.
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  • DS-700-WP01


    The DS-700 can be used anywhere you set up your store.
    - High contrast LCD display
    - Long lasting battery operation
    - Splash proof
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  • infotag_WP01_01

    ESL- InfoTag

    Unlock a world of possibilities with the InfoTag - DIGI’s new generation electronic shelf label. 

    Blending aesthetics and performance, the smart solution now comes in a slew of new sizes, longer battery life, vivid 4-colour display, 7 LED colours, 2 housing colour options, removable batteries and more.

    From supermarkets, convenience stores to specialty stores and logistic warehouses, our shelf-edge technology’s lean infrastructure allows seamless in-store digitalisation to future-proof your business.
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  • enchant_WP01_01


    Envision the future of retail with DIGI's revolutionary Shelf Edge and Digital Signage Display - the Enchant Series. 

    Designed to captivate, these cutting-edge displays offer vivid HD visuals capable of bringing dynamic content to life while creating an immersive experience in every aisle.

    With these new solutions, you can easily integrate them into diverse sectors while providing consistent pricing and sales growth.
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  • rgw560-2_WP01_01


    A new concept in banding machines that showcases the product while still offering information and secure packaging.
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  • sm100cs+_WP01_01.jpg


    SM-100CS+ is a cassette version of scale printer with versatile functions. 
    • Quick weight stabilization and fast printing
    • Reliable printing mechanism
    • Easily programmable with nutritional facts and traceability information
    • Connects to a barcode scanner
    • Quick loading of label/ receipt rolls
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  • SM-120LL-WP01


    The SM-120 is a practical, functional scale that gives you ultimate flexibility with labeling. Linerless labels are auto-sized to fit the label contents. You can easily display all the necessary information, including nutrition facts and allergens, while eliminating wasted label space that is common in labels of fixed size. The scale is capable of printing receipts as well. 

    Cloud connectivity provides many benefits, such as remote maintenance. Enjoy additional functionality such as the 'floating clerk' and fiscal memory functions. SM-120 combines efficiency and reliability that will enhance the operations of your shop floor.
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  • sm320_WP01_01


    • Digital printing scale with both electronic cash register function and label printing function.
    • High-speed, high reliability thermal head printer.
    • Easy paper handing achieved with special designed mechanism.
    • Built-in clock automatically updates date and time.
    • Quick response to weight changes.
    • Calibrating by software.
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  • SM-5100-WP01


    The SM-5100 increases throughput of counter transactions with speedy weighing and printing operation. Its robust yet sophisticated appearance looks good on counters in modern stores, providing added value for your store operation. 
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