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Versatile and Compact Prepack Scale Solution

DPS-5000e Plus


Ana Özellikler

The DPS-5000e Plus PC-based Prepack Scale Printer offers a space-saving and versatile solution. Boasting high-speed performance, it streamlines prepacking operations, ensuring exceptional efficiency without compromising on workspace.

• Enhance efficiency with the Auto Linerless Dispenser Kit, streamlining workflow for continuous label printing
• Accommodate a wide range of packing needs 
• Small Footprint
• Compatible With DIGI ESL & POS


Product Highlights

Front Label Loading
The DPS-5000e Plus features a front-loading mechanism for easy label roll replacement, ensuring uninterrupted operation and enhancing overall productivity.

Intuitive Display
The 10.1" Capacitive touch screen can be adjusted easily to offer eye-catching details at optimal viewing comfort. The ergonomic user interface comes with a customisable screen layout that further enhances the operation process.

Small Footprint
With a space-efficient design and a small footprint, the compact Prepack Scale Printer can be easily adapted to different workspaces and small operations settings.



Accommodate Wide Range Of Packing Needs

This solution comes with a feature-packed application to cater to diverse industry packing needs and requirements to prepack by weight or quantity.

Additionally, the DPS-5000e Plus includes notable features such as remote diagnostics, email alerts and an operator help mode for enhanced monitoring and support management.


Fast And Sustainable Printing with Linerless

Designed to excel in both speed and performance, the DPS-5000e Plus achieves rapid printing at up to 150mm/second with linerless auto-cutter technology. 

This capability enables retailers to create flexible label designs of variable lengths, promoting ecological savings in label consumption while delivering crisp and appealing readability with 300dpi resolution. 


Auto Linerless Dispenser Kit

Boost productivity using the Auto Linerless Dispenser Kit to facilitate uninterrupted label printing in a high-volume packing environment.


Compatible With DIGI ESL & POS

Retailers currently in operation have the opportunity to effortlessly integrate the Prepack Scale Printer with DIGI's ESL or POS solutions. This provides an affordable way for retailers already utilising DIGI's solutions to incorporate the technology into their stores seamlessly, eliminating the need for costly remodeling.

ESL Solution
Replace paper labels with our e.Label, InfoTag or Enchant while enjoying dynamic pricing that is always in sync with the scale solution.

DIGI POS Integration
DIGI's POS system and Prepack Scale Printer can be updated with new PLU information simultaneously by connecting to the same network, saving you valuable time to serve your customers better. 

Teknik Özellikler


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Capacity Resolution Max 15kg/ 30lb Max 30kg
Single Interval 1/ 3,000 e= 5g/ 0.01lb e= 10g
1/ 6,000 - e= 5g
1/ 7,500 e= 2g -
Capacity Resolution Max 6/ 15kg Max 15/ 30kg
Multi Interval 1/ 3,000 e= 2/ 5g e= 5/ 10g


Model DPS-5000e Plus
Dimension W x D x H (mm) DPS-5000e Plus 290 x 432 x 420
S-WR Platform (30kg) 295 x 355 x 55
Short Stand (Option) 210 x 369 x 183
Operator Display 10.1" TFT WSVGA with Capacitive Touch
  Display Size W x D (Pixels) 1024 x 600
Display Rotatable Degree + / - 30 degree left and right ; 80 degree up and down
Label / Receipt Types Liner Linerless with Auto-Cutter
Roll Diameter Max 125mm Max 125mm
Roll Width Max 80mm Max 80mm
Print Width Max 80mm Max 80mm
Printing Speed Max 150mm / second* Max 150mm / second*
Print Resolution 300 dpi 300 dpi
Barcode Type Interleaved 2 of 5, EAN-8, EAN-13, EAN-128, RSS, PDF417 (For Receipt Only), GS1, QR Code, Datamatrix
Power Source AC 100V / 220V (Compliance to 80PLUS Power Saving**)
Operating Temperature -10℃ to +40℃
Humidity 15% to 85% RH Non-Condensation
Standard Interface 1 x RJ45 (Ethernet 10Base-T / 100Base-T),
4 x USB 2.0,
1 x SD Socket
Net Weight DPS-5000e Plus 12 kg
S-WR Platform 4.5 kg
Short Stand (Option) 3.4 kg
*To achieve maximum print speed, high sensitivity thermal paper is necessary. Contact DIGI for more details.
** 100-120Vac Gold (North America, Canada and Japan)
     210-240Vac Silver (European, UK and most of Asia)



Auto Linerless Dispenser Kit

Facilitate uninterrupted label printing for optimal efficiency in high-volume packing operations.

Internal Rewinder Kit

Accomodates batch printing by winding up dispensed labels into a neat roll.

Long Linerless Label Holder

Keep your workplace organised while dispensing continuous label printing. 

Short Stand

Stainless steel short stand elevates scale for better comfort.


Options Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, Enchant, InfoTag, e.Label with Hi-Touch, Base Station, Internal Rewinder Kit, Long Linerless Label Holder, Short Stand
Factory Option  Linerless Printer with Auto-Cutter, Auto Linerless Dispenser Kit