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High Speed Dynamic Weigh Price Labeller

HI-700 II

Industrie agroalimentaire


The HI-700 ll Weigh Price Labeller offers increased efficiency and flexibility. Powered by PC-based software, the HI-700 II is easily networked and integrated with existing machines and back office systems. Dynamic weighing coupled with DIGI’s high speed Signature labeller allows processing at a speed of up to 120ppm. 


High Productivity

When an additional labelling unit is added, downtime can be further limited by auto-swapping of the labelling stations. Additional labelling units can also operate in ‘ping pong’ mode, alternating application between labellers to maintain higher throughput with larger labels. 


Signature Labeller

The high speed signature labeller provides fast application, large label roll diameter and 300dpi thermal print head. Different label applicators are available. 


WorldView Operating Software

The HI-700 ll series uses an industrial PC, utilising DIGI’s WorldView software running on Microsoft® Windows® operating system. WorldView provides flexible software control for the automation and performance of DIGI's full range of Checkweighers and Weigh Price Labellers. 


Modular design

The modular design allows for the addition of extra labelling stations. Add more top and bottom labellers as required, providing a flexible solution to meet your requirements.



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Capacity Max 6 kg Max 6 kg Max 12kg
Single Interval e= 1g e= 2g (660mm scale) e= 2g
Pack Speed up to 120 packs per minute
Pack Size 475mm scale L80-300mm x W40-250mm x H180mm
550mm scale L80-375mm x W40-250mm x H180mm
660mm scale L80-485mm x W40-250mm x H180mm

Throughput dependant on product weight and size and scale length.


Screen 15" Colour LCD touchscreen
Touch panel XGA a-Si TFT LCD Resistive touch


Weighing Modes Catch Weight, Fixed Weight/Price, Average (Emark)
Labellers Multiple labellers/printers
Communication Ethernet, USB, RS232
Operating System Windows 10 OS
Language Multi-lingual Unicode
Software WorldView (embedded application)
Database SQL
Connectivity Remote programming and control
Connectivity to meet industry standards
Customisable output data
Interconnectivity to back-office data management


Power Supply 220-240V(115V Option) 50/60Hz AC Single Phase
Operating Temperature 0 to +30°C

Standard Features

Scale Length 475mm, 550mm or 660mm
Scale Cover 'lift-off' formed poycarbonate
Sensors Overhead retro reflective
Labellers Signature
Pack Guides S100 tall guides
Conveyors 2 or 3 conveyors
Split blue belts



Top and bottom labelling

Additional labellers can be integrated into the Weigh Price Labeller, giving extra flexibility to label both the top and under side of each pack simultaneously. 

Multi Labeller

The HI-700 ll is available with multiple top and bottom labellers. Additional labellers will allow automatic switching of labellers when one has run out of labels, further limiting the amount of downtime.

Long Scale

The HI-700 II is also available as a longer scale variant, featuring a 780mm long scale capable of weighing packs up to 605mm in length. Pease refer to the HI-700L II product page for full specifications. 



Pack Sensors

Different pack sensors are available, further optimising the HI-700 II to suit the desired factory setting. 

Pack Guides

Choose from a range of different pack guides to suit your products. Contact our Sales team to discuss options. 

Sub Infeed

An additional infeed (sub infeed) can be added. This option can be used to increase the spacing between packs on the conveyor.

Auto Labeller Height Adjustment via PLU

The height of the Signature labeller can be automatically adjusted via the Product Look Up (PLU).

Frame Height Adjustment

The height of the HI-700 II's frame can be adjusted to better integrate with existing lines.


Options Pre-printed label applicator, Direct protocol Honeywell (PM43/45), Direct protocol Zebra (ZPL II), Windows printers, Salami belts, High level warning beacon, Rejector,