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Balances étanches

  • ds673ss


    DS-673SS is a convenient and reliable Waterproof Tabletop Weighing Scale. 
    Built with a stainless-steel housing that complies with IP68, this scale is totally waterproof and washable, making it the perfect choice for any environment. The bright LED display ensures accuracy and easy visibility, even in dark or underwater settings, and its low profile makes loading and unloading objects faster and easier.
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  • DS-990-WP01


    Acier inoxydable hermétique
    La plus grande résistance anticorrosion
    Matériel en acier inoxydable SUS316L
    Batterie rechargeable incorporée et adaptateur AC
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  • TCW-WP-WP01


    La TCW-WP est une balance compacte avec un indice IP 68. Des fonctions utiles et pratiques aident à l'efficacité de la production.
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