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DeliousLio touch panel food-ticket vending machine

Japan Ramen Food Hall (Ocean Inc.)

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DeliousLio helps realize ideal shop operation

Yokohama Minato Mirai 21 is a popular tourist spot stretching across the waterfront in Yokohama, Japan. Lined with landmarks such as the Yokohama Landmark Tower and the Red Brick Warehouse, the area is always crowded with domestic and international visitors. Yokohama Hammerhead is a contemporary shopping complex that opened in October 2019 in the area and includes a cruise ship terminal, a luxury hotel, and an array of shops and experiential commercial facilities with food as their theme. The Japan Ramen Food Hall complex on the first floor comprises a bar and five ramen shops. Introduction of the DeliousLio touch-panel food-ticket vending machine into each shop has helped realize ideal shop operation and management.

Challenges in the run-up to opening

The home of Japan Ramen Food Hall is Yokohama, one of Japan's leading maritime gateways and a popular tourist destination. In preparation for the opening, the ramen complex operator Ocean Inc. was looking for a food-ticket vending machine that offered functionality that enhanced services to both domestic and international customers alike, such as cashless payment support and a multilingual user interface. Moreover, they wanted a system designed to fully support cloud-based operation and management.

Our Solution

DeliousLio touch-panel food-ticket vending machine (w/Cashless Payment support)


"As well as allowing us to meet the rapid increase in demand for cashless payment support and providing a multilingual user interface to accommodate overseas customers, the vending machine is being well received by customers, with comments that the menu item pictures look beautiful and selecting items is simple and easy. Orders for additional toppings have increased as well, contributing to higher sales. Customers make the payment themselves, which helps improve overall hygiene since the staff do not have to handle cash. Our president is able to access preliminary sales data from the cloud even when travelling on business overseas and make timely decisions on any measures that may need to be taken. Moreover, the system has a stylish design that matches the factory feel of the shop, with the large screen allowing each store to convey its own individual character. " (Mr. Masato Mukai, Kanto Area Manager for Ocean Inc.)


Customer Profile

Country: Japan (Yokohama)