Speed up your counting operations with the useful features of the DC-782. 
- High contrast LCD with backlight
- Compact designed
- 10 preset keys 
- 25 item memory 


The DI-2000 II is a dust and waterproof indicator designed for weighing of blending ingredients at food and manufacturing facilities. It can be connected to up to 3 scales, allowing indication of a large range of weights with a single unit. During blending operations, workers follow displayed instructions interactively for all steps from ingredient verification to weighing, helping to prevent errors. Weighing history is automatically stored in indicator memory. Weighing systems incorporating the DI-2000 II help make great quality improvements, reduce work cost and help rationalize traceability of blended products.


Special wet-proof technology with IP65 rating and high brightness LED display adapted for use in various weighing environments.


Highest quality corrosion-resistant weighing scale for severe weighing environments.
- SUS316L stainless steel used in construction
- Uses a hermetically sealed stainless steel load cell
- Built-in rechargeable battery and AC adaptor operation
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