AW-5600ATII, çalışma konforu ve çevre dostu olması için tasarlanmış yüksek performanslı bir otomatik tartma-sarma-etiketleme sistemidir. Kolay ve basitleştirilmiş kullanımıyla iş yükünü azaltır, daha düşük maliyet ve daha küçük bir çevresel ayak izi elde etmek için film ve etiket tüketiminde tasarruf yapar.

AW-5600ATII Auto-Infeed

AW-5600ATII Auto-Infeed, kolay ve verimli çalışmanın yanı sıra, süper-streç işlevi sayesinde film tüketimini azaltıp, Linerless(Astarsız) çözümü ile etiket taşıyıcı kağıt olmadan çevresel etkiler göz önünde bulundurularak tasarlanmış, yüksek performanslı otomatik tartım paketleme ve etiketleme çözümüdür.

Otomatik besleme konveyörü, manuel beslemeye gerek kalmadan tam hat içi üretim oluşturarak çalışma verimliliğini yüksek oranda  artırır. Esnek tabak çıkış yönleri, kullanıcılara alandan maksimum oranda yararlanmayı ve yüksek verimlilik elde etmek amacıyla makine yerleşimini optimize etme konusunda seçenekler sunar.


AW-5600CPII is the basic model of the 5600 series, providing an impressive 30 packages/minute throughput in a reduced-cost design. Its compact form retains the full-spec 300dpi high-resolution printer and extra-large full-color touchscreen display that are standard with the 5600 series. The newly developed rotational labeler arm allows fully automatic application of linerless labels. Variations include models with manual or automatic label application.


AW-5600CPR II IWC, hat içi üretim için tasarlanmış ve tabak ortalama cihazıyla donatılmış, tam otomatik, entegre bir tartma/paketleme/etiketleme sistemidir.


Flexibility is supreme in the latest generation of DIGI’s integrated semi-automatic weigh-wrap-labelers. Able to work with fragile trays, irregular shapes, and even items without trays, the AW-5600FXⅡ packs even more efficiency and usability into its small footprint. DIGI’s popular pick-pack system is complemented by new hardware enhancements such as a larger impulse heat sealer and double the air supply. The result is a durable, attractive package.

Key Offerings: 
  • Flexible wrapping capability
  • An installation footprint of just 31.5” x 36.8” (800mm x 935mm)
  • User friendly extra-large 15" full color touch screen that reduces operator error
  • Maximum processing speed of 17 packs/minute
  • Linerless label use enables greater label customizability while reducing label waste


The HI-700ll's high speed and flexible label handling offers increased weighing and labeling efficiency in food production lines. The PC-based machine allows easy networking and integration with existing machines. Dynamic weighing and a high speed labeler allows up to 120ppm. Featuring a colour touchscreen for quick and easy programming and plu selection. Quick release conveyor system.


The PW-100 is a fully-automated high-speed vegetable flow wrapper that is especially suited for packing elongated and leafy vegetables. Advanced length-sensing technology ensures accurate and speedy packing. This product has a number of features that reduce packing errors and lock in freshness for a shelf-ready product.


PW-5600LL is versatile and efficient MAP/skin packaging machine with an integrated automatic weigh labeler offering 3 different sealing modes - MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packing), VSP (Vacuum Skin Packing) and Seal Only (Natural gas).


A new concept in banding machines that showcases the product while still offering information and secure packaging.


A tabletop weigh-seal-label system that improves backroom productivity and operational efficiency while reducing film usage.


A tabletop weigh-seal-label system that improves productivity and operational efficiency of sales counters.


The W-5600CPRII is an automatic in-line wrapping solution offering a maximum 30 packages/minute throughput, with the wrapped items discharged at the machine's rear side.
It is ideal solution for producers, mushroom farms, meat plants, supermarket processing centers and others who need to wrap large amount of products with high efficiency and reliability. The W-5600CPRII provides great flexibility in implementing production lines to maximize productivity and efficiency. 
The easy and quick film change, as well as easy cleaning and daily maintenance ensures user-friendly operation, stable performance, high level hygienic condition and extraordinary user satisfaction.


SWS-5600 is a high-performance trayless packaging system designed for operational comfort and environmental friendliness. It benefits consumers by using paper sheets in place of trays to save space in the refrigerator, and also reduces packaging waste. The system is easy for workers to use, contributing to increased productivity and smooth labeling of packaged product. Label consumption and waste disposal requirements are reduced through use of linerless labels, another environmental plus.
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