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SM-6000 Series and ESL

Tommy d.o.o.


Tommy modernises newly renovated hypermarket with DIGI’s innovative technologies

With 226 stores across the country, Tommy is one of the largest retail chains in the Republic of Croatia. A perennial supporter of domestic production, more than 70% of the in-store products are sourced locally. This same dedication can also be seen from how Tommy incorporates DIGI’s innovative retail solutions, which were presented to them by DIGI’s Croatian distributor Server Mark, to create the best customer experience at their newly renovated hypermarket in Split.

“The SM-6000 scale is designed to alleviate workload so that operators can focus on putting customers’ needs first.”

Transforming Serve-Over Counters
12 units of DIGI’s SM-6000 scales are deployed across various parts of the 1,800 square meters remodelled store. Over at the meat and deli departments, it’s hard to miss the SM-6000 EV PLUS’s large 15’’ portrait customer display. Apart from branding purposes, these eye-catching displays are used to run multimedia promotional content to spur interaction with shoppers and encourage additional purchases.
Each scale also comes with linerless labelling capability that eliminates backing paper waste while enabling variable print lengths with its built-in auto-cutter. By maximising the number of prints in each label roll, not only can Tommy enjoy a sustainable operation, consumable expenses can also be saved in the long run.

Speaking of sustainability, each SM-6000 also features a 80PLUS-certified power supply that delivers high power efficiency while generating lesser heat and electrical waste to help the Croatian retail chain save on its energy bill.

Additionally, with the scale’s capacitive touchscreen, operators can navigate around with ease, allowing them to focus on communicating with shoppers and processing orders quickly to deliver the best customer service.

Self-Service Done Right
For areas like the fresh produce and bakery sections, more emphasis has to be placed in offering shoppers a modern day approach combining speed and convenience to prepare them for a quicker and smoother checkout.

This is where the SM-6000 SSP helps to set new standards to self-service experience, with its attractive, sleek and fuss-free interface.

From the striking Tommy logo to the vibrant colours depicting the various product categories, everything on the high resolution display looks aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Being visually stunning does not mean that functionality has to be compromised. From selecting the correct product to printing of the label, the entire process can be completed seamlessly within seconds, all without any operator’s assistance. Shoppers can also match their own language preference by toggling between Croatian and English.

“The addition of the self-service scales saves shoppers precious time and hassle prior to checkout.”

Even for non-weigh items, the SM-6000 Printer Console situated at the bakery department offers the same enjoyable modern user experience where shoppers can select their favourite baked goodies and print out the respective labels without any hassle.

Mounted on its own stand, the SM-6000 Printer Console can also free up valuable floor space while contributing to the hypermarket’s contemporary design outlook. Consumables such as the linerless label rolls can also be kept neatly inside the stand for convenient label roll replacement.

Ensuring Price Integrity
The retail technology revolution does not consist solely of just the modern weighing scales. The introduction of DIGI’s T@POP InfoTag electronic shelf labels (ESL) also plays a huge role in revamping the shopping experience of this renovated store.

Gone are the days of non-eco-friendly paper tags, which are often tedious to update and prone to human errors. With more than 500 InfoTags deployed across various departments, precious manhours and resources needed previously for manual price updates can now be better utilised in other areas at the store.

On top of displaying prices with paper-like readability, the beauty of the InfoTag lies in DIGI’s T@POP solution. With this cloud-based platform, Tommy’s staff can wirelessly perform error-free updates of pricing and product information with minimal manpower even from the SM-6000 scale itself, demonstrating how DIGI’s solutions can be seamlessly linked for added convenience.

With the constant change of prices in the retail sector, this agility in price updates helps Tommy unlock maximum responsiveness to give them a strategic edge over their competitors while providing the best deals for their shoppers.

“DIGI’s T@POP InfoTag solution enables error-free wireless price updates with paper-like readability.”

By equipping the revamped store with these innovative DIGI retail solutions, Tommy is able to reaffirm its commitment in delivering a pleasant shopping experience and support in sustainable growth and protection of nature while modernising its operations.


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Company: Tommy d.o.o.
Country: Croatia