Sistema compacto de pesado empaquetado y etiquetado diseñado para un eficaz y sencillo manejo.

Case study


Cutting Costs and Language Barriers: Broward Meat & Fish Bilingual AW-5600ATll

Broward Meat & Fish

For over 30 years, Broward Meat & Fish has been serving the South Florida community. With the help of the AW-5600ATll's Spanish and English Bilingual capabilites, the store can cut both language barriers and costs. It's 4x faster than employees, saving money and making it easier for staff management.

AW-5600ATll Solves Demand for High-Volume Supermarket needs at McKinnon's in Wilmington, MA.

McKinnon's Supermarkets

AW-5600ATll keeps up with demand at McKinnon's high-volume supermarket in Wilmington, MA, along with making data compatible with their other store locations.

AW-5600ATll: DIGI’s Automatic Wrapper resolves labor concerns at Piggly Wiggly in Heflin, AL

Piggly Wiggly

Piggly Wiggly employs DIGI’s weigh-wrap-labeler to reduce labor cost and downtime, and give products a consistent wrapping finish.