Sistema compacto de pesado empaquetado y etiquetado diseñado para un eficaz y sencillo manejo.


Pam Panorama chooses DIGI as sole supplier to implement innovative solutions and reduce costs

Pam Panorama

‘‘With DIGI, we feel confident about the future, because the technology we chose can adapt to our future needs.’’ Diego Berta, Pam Panorama, ICT Manager

Cutting Costs and Language Barriers: Broward Meat & Fish Bilingual AW-5600ATll

Broward Meat & Fish

For over 30 years, Broward Meat & Fish has been serving the South Florida community. With the help of the AW-5600ATll's Spanish and English Bilingual capabilites, the store can cut both language barriers and costs. It's 4x faster than employees, saving money and making it easier for staff management.

AW-5600ATll Solves Demand for High-Volume Supermarket needs at McKinnon's in Wilmington, MA.

McKinnon's Supermarkets

AW-5600ATll keeps up with demand at McKinnon's high-volume supermarket in Wilmington, MA, along with making data compatible with their other store locations.

AW-5600ATll: DIGI’s Automatic Wrapper resolves labor concerns at Piggly Wiggly in Heflin, AL

Piggly Wiggly

Piggly Wiggly employs DIGI’s weigh-wrap-labeler to reduce labor cost and downtime, and give products a consistent wrapping finish.