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Fully-automated high-speed vegetable flow wrapper


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Características principales

The PW-100 is a fully-automated high-speed vegetable flow wrapper that is especially suited for packing elongated and leafy vegetables. Advanced length-sensing technology ensures accurate and speedy packing. This product has a number of features that reduce packing errors and lock in freshness for a shelf-ready product.


PW-100 – Speedy and uniform wrapping

This flow wrapper excels at packing vegetables, such as elongated and leafy varieties. The solution employs a number of technologies that protect the product from being damaged, giving you a fresh and presentable product for your customers.


Ideal for elongated and leafy vegetables

PW-100 uses advanced length-sensing technology for accurate and speedy packaging. Use to pack elongated and leafy vegetables, root vegetables, and fruits at speeds of 10-60 packages per minute, and 26 meters of film per minute.

Auto-length measure & anti-pinch

Auto-length measuring ensures that items fit comfortably in the package, and an anti-pinch feature prevents leafy ends from being sealed. Cutting protection also keeps packed produce from being cut, assuring consistent packing quality.

The reliability is in the hardware

Because packing is all about quality, our machinery employs technology such as double pinching roll heating and a reciprocating cutter, and large hole punch jigs which allows produce to breathe and stay fresh.



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Cutting structure Reciprocation
Packing speed 10 - 60 packages/min.
Product size H: 130 (mm) W: 180 (mm)
Paking film size W: 550 (mm) Φ: 330 (mm)
Film feeding speed (Max) 26 (m/min)
Cutting length range 150 - 900 (mm)
Power supply Three phase 4.4 (KVA)


Shrink Tunnel

The shrink tunnel uses heat shrinkable film that fits to the shape of the produce for enhanced presenation. 

Dimension: 2850 (L) x 540 (W) x 1400 (H)
Speed: 9 - 21 (m/min)
Shrinkage size: H: 130 (mm)  W: 300 (mm)