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POS per piccoli punti vendita e ristorazione

POS per piccoli punti vendita

  • ipt2000_WP01_01_TWS


    IPT-2000 is the industry-leading all-in-one POS terminal designed for specialty retail stores and food establishments such as restaurants and cafes. 

    Modernise your business with the latest DIGI technologies designed to streamline your operational needs.

    • Configurable operation menu and table management system
    • Avenue for in-store promotions on customer display
    • Scalable configuration with cloud backend-solutions
    • Compatible for quick serve and dine-in application 
    • Supports multiple languages

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  • happyselfg3_WP01_01

    HappySelf (G3)

    DIGI's HappySelf multi-mode self-checkout register continues to evolve, and now features a new easy-to-read, easy-to-use vertical LCD screen. A variety of installation variations have been created to meet diverse store requirements. 
    Self-checkout requires minimal staff without the need for direct interaction with shoppers and cashless payment means there is no handling of cash. So, this can contribute to preventing the spread of coronavirus infection by reducing crowding and contamination by touch. Another plus of the system is that it gives you the flexibility of easily changing between semi-self-checkout and full-self-checkout operation after the pandemic has subsided.
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