Versatile automatic thermal labeler


Printing method Thermal printing
Label print speed max. 200mm/sec.
Package size Width: 50 to 240 mm
Length: 70 to 350mm
Height: 15 to 190mm
Label size (for U type) Width: 40 to 80mm
Length: 28 to 100mm
Label size (for U type/High precision applicator) Width: 20 to 80m
Length: 20 to 100mm
Label size (for B type) Width: 40 to 80mm
Length: 28 to 80mm
Label outer diameter 200mm with 76mm core
Power consumption 59.2 to 86.5W/270 to 540W (dependig on configuration)
Measurement (mm) W: 681 x L: 750 x H: 1545
Conveyor height 800±50mm
Power supply 100V  or 220 to 240V single phase
Conveyor speed 0 to 50mm/min.(adjustable)
Air source Top application max. 1.61ℓ/label Bottom application max. 2.36ℓ/label

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