Standard Weighing Scales



DS-166 assists accurate and speedy weighing operation with the following useful features. 
- Bright LCD display with 1/150,000 resolution 
- One touch/digital tare subtraction
- Zero recall function 
- Two set points for HIGH/OK/LOW
- RS-232C interface link to PC


The DS-167 performs in a wide range of weighing operations in tough environments. Employs a bright LCD with 1/30,000 display resolution.  


The DS-520 Series waterproof scale works anywhere, operating on dry cell batteries. Up to 300KG weighing capacity can be selected according to your need. 


DS-530 supports wide range of weighing operations in tough environments.
- Large 5-digit display
- Over 200 hours continuous use on six C-size dry cell batteries 


The DS-560 offers a variety of weighing capacities to suit various applications, yet provides compact design, bright LED display and user-friendly features such as a one-touch  digital tare subtraction function.  Rechargeable batteries optionally available. 


The DS-673L is a standard weighing scale that is equipped with Bluetooth and is suitable for use in a variety of weighing scenarios. Its large LCD display with backlighting makes reading easier, and its low profile improves the efficiency of loading and unloading objects.


The DS-676SS is an efficient and hygienic stainless-steel weighing scale, designed for easy cleaning. With a large LCD display for improved visibility and a low height for ease of loading and unloading, this scale is ideal for any professional setting.


DSX-1000 comes equipped with an easy-to-read, 7-inch color LCD panel that helps prevent weight check errors by clearly displaying the weight and setting values.
The scale automatically checks the weight against preset upper and lower limits and notifies the user that the weight is LOW, OK, or HIGH with indicator lights and a built-in audible alarm.
Its full-featured printing functionality (for built-in printer models) lets you better manage the weighing process by providing a print-out with a serial item number, the check result, and the tare amount.
DSX-1000 has a standard RS-232 interface for sending weighing data to a PC or an optional external printer. The interface can also be used to control other equipment.
DSX-1000 also features a large 270.9 x 198.4 mm weighing platter.


TCS-205 is Table-top combination scale for efficient fixed or target weight packaging operation. Ideal solution to reduce excessive weight or eliminates shortage per package.

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