DI-166 series-WP01

DI-166 Series

The DI-166 is an affordable weighing indicator with simplified operation. 
- 1/150,000 internal resolution
- Just 5 operation keys, marked with graphic symbols
- High contrast LCD with backlight


The DI-620 suits a wide range of weighing applications with multifunctional features. 
- Super-size LCD display with backlight
- High internal resolution of 1/300,000. with display resolution of up to 1/15,000
- Supports up to eight 350 ohm load cells
- Optional dot matrix printer
- RS-232C/USB/set point interface


The DI-770 is a PC-based multifunctional weighing indicator for use in a variety of industries requiring production/inventory control and traceability are required.  Its networking capability makes it easier to connect with other systems for data management.

DIX-2000 Series

Features a 7-inch high-brightness color TFT display. With its feature-rich display and multiple interfaces, this indicator supports weighing operations of greater complexity. Variations include the ruggedly-constructed, IP65-compliant DIX-2000 Series, and the general-purpose DIX-1000 Series, providing a range of options to suit varied work environments.

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