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Broward Meat & Fish


Cutting Costs and Language Barriers: Broward Meat & Fish Bilingual AW-5600ATll

Broward Meat and Fish:
Butcher shop & Seafood market dedicated to serving the South Florida community.

Broward Meat and Fish (BMF) owns all machines DIGI, 4 locations ranging with Wrappers or Scales, covering the meat department, fish department and produce department.
BMF was founded in 1991 in Lauderdale Lakes, where they have served as a neighborhood Butcher and Seafood market for the past 32 years.

The owner has a long-lasting relationship with prior president of DIGI America, Mr. Ivo Idavoy, who sold BMF their first scale back in 2005. DIGI America and their dealer Eagle Business have been working together with BMF for 18 years.

“DIGI is easy to Operate!”
Serving the Caribbean and Latin Community in South Florida for over 30 years a majority of BMF’s employees are Spanish speaking. Store manager, Alfred Lora relies on DIGI’s AW-5600ATll to be the bilingual operator he needs.
The wrapper is easily convertible from English to Spanish language, so operators are better suited to use the wrapper even if they do not speak English. DIGI’s AW Wrapper enables self-learning function resulting in training being one less factor Alfred needs to worry about as well as reducing service costs.

4X faster than employees = saving money
With the integrated weigh, wrap and label function, the AW requires only one operator to carry out easy and efficient wrapping & pricing operations. Alfred refers to the wrapper as being 4x faster than any employee because it never gets tired and is always keeping cases full, so customers have products to purchase.

Having one operator to do the job has significantly reduced labor costs while making staff management easier to maintain. Especially when it comes to wirelessly connecting into the machine and ensuing all wrappers are communicating correctly.


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