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Fully Waterproof Tabletop Weighing Scale




DS-673SS is a convenient and reliable Waterproof Tabletop Weighing Scale. 
Built with a stainless-steel housing that complies with IP68, this scale is totally waterproof and washable, making it the perfect choice for any environment. The bright LED display ensures accuracy and easy visibility, even in dark or underwater settings, and its low profile makes loading and unloading objects faster and easier.

Water/Dust and Wet Proof Design

The washable body housing is made entirely of a stainless-steel sheet, in compliance with IP68.

Bright Display

The bright LED display can show clear and exact weight in the darkness or underwater environment.

Compact Design

The lower height improves the efficiency of loading/unloading objects.



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Basic Specifications

Model DS-673SS
Capacity 3kg 3kg/6kg 6kg/15kg 15kg/30kg
1g 1g/2g 2g/5g 5g/10g
Display High brightness LED display
Weight Display: 6 digits.
Decimal point: Selectable by SPEC
Dimensions Platter size : 245(W) x 198.5(D) mm
Overall size: 250(W) x 290(D) x 130(H) mm
Power Source AC/DC Adaptor 12V,1.5A
DC 6V 5Ah rechargeable battery for 40 hours (option,Fully charged) *
Charging condition( 800mA ,12-14 hours)
Operating Temperature -10° C to +40° C (OIML)
Operating Humidity 15% to 85% RH
Power Intelligent power control,Power Consumption: 18W (AC), 3W (DC)
Waterproof rating IP68

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


Rechargeable battery

Rechargeable battery (DC5V 6Ah) backup for 40 hours of continuous usage (when dimmer level is set to "2" or below).

Preguntas frecuentes

  • How do I check the weighing data on my PC?
    You can use weigh scale communication software (sold separately) to display the data on your PC. You can also save the data in CSV format.