First e.Sense installation in France at Intermarché

Founded in 1969, Intermarché is one of Europe's leading supermarket chains, consisting of hypermarkets, supermarkets and grocery stores. The brand has since grown substantially with more than 1,800 stores in France while having a strong presence across Portungal, Poland and Belgium.

Focusing on sustainable development, the French supermarket giant has been widening its selection of bulk options over the years to offer organic and affordable products to its customers. To strengthen this intiative, Intermarché's Issy Les Moulineaux store has recently deployed DIGI's e.Sense solution which is paired with the SM-6000 scale. This inaugural installation provide customers with a fuss-free experience at the bulk food area by saving them the hassle of writing down PLU codes prior to weighing.

Incredibly compact and easy to set up on dispensers and bins, this innovative solution delivers error-free PLU call up by activating the built-in motion sensor which automatically transmits the PLU information to the scale. This helps to shorten the weighing process and reduce shrinkage.

With DIGI's e.Sense solution, Intermarché can also protect its margin by offering more bulk items of varied types and prices. The streamlined weighing experience also makes eco-conscious customers more inclined to shop at the bulk food area as it gives them the flexibility to purchase only the amount they need while cutting down on packaging waste.


The store focuses on organic and environmental aspects such as waste reduction



Benefits includes:

  • Reduces human error by transmitting accurate PLUs to the scale via RF technology.
  • Speeds up the self-weighing process as customers do not have to write down PLU codes prior to weighing.
  • Protects retailer margin by offering items of varied types and prices.
  • Minimises walkaways and shrinkages
  • Drives zero-waste movement by cutting down on packaging waste and giving customers the flexibility to purchase only the amount they need.
  • Reduces reliance on operator assistance.


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