Integrated in-line weigh-wrap-label system

The AW-5600CPRII IWC  is a fully automatic, integrated weigh/wrap/label system designed for in-line production and equipped with centering device. 

Integrated in-line weigh-wrap-label system

The latest in-line automatic weigh-wrap-label system to meet various layout options.

High productivity

The AW-5600CPRII IWC provides high productivity, achieving up to 30 packages/min of integrated weigh/wrap/label operation.

It also features tray press that ensures strong sealing to maintain tight and beautiful wrapping finish.

Easy operation

The operation of AW-5600CPRII IWC is easy and user-friendly with its large, clear and quick response touch screen, as well as preset keys to call up PLU by a single touch. Operators can also preview the label image to ensure that correct information will be printed on the labels.

Quick film change and easy daily maintenance

A simple and easy film change mechanism allows operator to change film quickly and minimize machine down time.

The design for easy daily maintenance also secures reliable production and hygenic condition.

Unique and value-added Linerless label

The Linerless label is continuous label without base paper, which is more economical and more eco-friendly.  The auto-cutting and auto label sizing capability provides users with extremely flexible labeling solution that allows users to optimize label presentation and make more attactive promotion at minimum cost, a real value-added and effective solution to users.

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