Self-payment checkout solution for specialty stores and mini-supermarkets

Popular in specialty stores and mini-supermarkets! Self-payment checkout is ushering in a new style of shopping.

TERAOKA's Smile-Self Checkout System is an across-the-counter self-payment checkout solution that is creating a new way to shop -- checkout staff scan and bag the purchased items while the customer makes the payment. For retailers, this solves the four main issues shown on the right.
Businesses that need to make efficient use of both time and space, such as mini-supermarkets, specialty shops, souvenir shops, bakery, cake shops, delicatessens and prepared food shops, are taking notice of this innovative checkout solution.

Customer Needs

  1. Minimize waiting time at checkout
  2. Eliminate cashier errors
  3. Reduce cashier stress
  4. Make checkout more hygienic by having the customer handle the cash

Separating scanning and payment cuts waiting time at checkout

TERAOKA's "Smile-Self" is a new idea in self-checkout systems -- a self-payment checkout register where scanning and payment are separate and independent. It's a new style of shopping where checkout staff scan and bag the purchased items while the customer takes care of the payment.  An important feature of the system is that the customer can insert cash at any time, even before all the items have been scanned. So, they can handle paying at their own pace. 
Moreover, while a customer is making their payment, staff can start scanning the next customer's items. This makes checkout even speedier.
By letting the customer handle payment, which represents about 45% of the total checkout time, checkout can be up to 1.5 times faster compared to previous systems, cutting checkout waiting times dramatically.

Letting the customer handle payment eliminates cashier errors

"Smile-Self" lets the customer do the payment, eliminating the need for checkout staff to handle cash. Major causes of cash-out balance errors include miscounting of bills and coins and purchase item scanning errors.  "Smile-Self" realizes a payment style that is as simple as using a vending machine, with the customer inserting bills and coins and picking up their change themselves. Because the staff do not handle the cash, discrepancies between the cash in the register and the register cash-out balance are eliminated.

Reduce stress by eliminating cash handling by checkout staff

Having the customer handle the cash not only eliminates cashier error, it helps relieve the most stressful part of the job for staff --  handling cash for the customer. This also frees staff to focus on other important tasks, such bagging and boxing of purchased items and inquiring about customer needs. 
Also, the Smile Self barcode scanning procedure is very simple, so staff training times are also significantly reduced.

Checkout is more hygienic because staff don't handle cash

Handling food items after handling cash is unhygienic, and every retailer wants to ensure food is handled hygienically. This is particular true for businesses that primarily sell food items, such as bread shops, cake shops,  delicatessens and prepared food shops. And, that is why they take special measures, such as having staff wear plastic gloves and use disinfectant hand sprays, to make serving the customer more hygienic. 
"Smile-Self" embodies the solution that comes from the idea that "if staff didn't handle cash, checkout would be much more hygienic."
"Smile-Self" represents a brand-new kind of self-checkout process, where the customer and checkout staff work together to make checkout speedy and clean.

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