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Scales With Printer

  • SM-100-WP01


    High speed direct thermal printing with user-friendly features. 
    - Highly-visible 19-segment green LCD display
    - Automatic date & time update with a built-in clock
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  • SM-120LL-WP01


    The SM-120 is a practical, functional scale that gives you ultimate flexibility with labeling. Linerless labels are auto-sized to fit the label contents. You can easily display all the necessary information, including nutrition facts and allergens, while eliminating wasted label space that is common in labels of fixed size. The scale is capable of printing receipts as well. 

    Cloud connectivity provides many benefits, such as remote maintenance. Enjoy additional functionality such as the 'floating clerk' and fiscal memory functions. SM-120 combines efficiency and reliability that will enhance the operations of your shop floor.
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  • SM-5100-WP01


    The SM-5100 increases throughout of counter transactions with speedy weighing and printing operation. Its robust yet sophisticated appearance looks good on counters in modern stores, providing added value for your store operation. 
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  • rm6100_ai_WP01

    RM-6100 AI

    The RM-6100 AI is a compact and user-friendly AI scale that can be easily deployed in various retail settings to deliver efficient and intelligent checkout operation for both loose and bagged items.
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  • dps5000ePlus_WP01_01

    DPS-5000e Plus

    The DPS-5000e Plus PC-based Prepack Scale Printer offers a space-saving and versatile solution. Boasting high-speed performance, it streamlines prepacking operations, ensuring exceptional efficiency without compromising on workspace.

    • Enhance efficiency with the Auto Linerless Dispenser Kit, streamlining workflow for continuous label printing
    • Accommodate a wide range of packing needs 
    • Small Footprint
    • Compatible With DIGI ESL & POS
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  • RM-50-WP01


    The RM-50 is a portable scale with receipt printer designed for weighing and cash control in open-air retail markets.
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  • RM-60-WP01


    Designed for sales transactions with weighing and cash control in open-air retail markets.
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  • sm100cs+_WP01_01.jpg


    SM-100CS+ is a cassette version of scale printer with versatile functions. 
    • Quick weight stabilization and fast printing
    • Reliable printing mechanism
    • Easily programmable with nutritional facts and traceability information
    • Connects to a barcode scanner
    • Quick loading of label/ receipt rolls
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  • sm320_WP01_01


    • Digital printing scale with both electronic cash register function and label printing function.
    • High-speed, high reliability thermal head printer.
    • Easy paper handing achieved with special designed mechanism.
    • Built-in clock automatically updates date and time.
    • Quick response to weight changes.
    • Calibrating by software.
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