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Working with Stakeholders Toward a Sustainable World

Creating new standards. This pioneering spirit has been passed down at TERAOKA/DIGI for over 100 years and has been an ongoing theme in our company’s continued pursuit of taking on challenges.

TERAOKA/DIGI has been providing value through product creation since the 1920s. From the 1970s, we have been providing value not only with superior products, but also by creating services that effectively meet customer needs. In the 1990s, TERAOKA/DIGI was first to introduce to market an environmental waste measurement/management system (currently called Environment Navi) that helps customers respond to environmental concerns. At present, TERAOKA/DIGI is also working on system creation and company creation, using a multifaceted approach to meet society’s needs in achieving sustainability.

Product/service creation, system creation, and company creation. For TERAOKA/DIGI, a company built upon a foundation of creating new standards, our pioneering spirit is intrinsic to our business and societal activities for creating a sustainable world together with our stakeholders.

For customers, consumers, employees, and society as a whole. We are working for all of our stakeholders to create a sustainable world through our strong business presence in the four fields of (1) Retail, (2) Food Industry, (3) Logistics, and (4) Hospitality, together with our Service & Cloud and Payment offerings that span the four business fields, as well as through our environmental business, which is linked to all of our businesses activities.

For Creating a Sustainable World

Creating a sustainable world means taking action in three ways. TERAOKA/DIGI contributes to achieving the SDGs through each of these actions.

  • Product/Service Creation

    We are creating products and services that are environmentally friendly and contribute to a sustainable future.

  • System Creation

    We are creating systems that ensure sustainable production and consumption by carefully considering the environment and promoting innovation.

  • Company Creation

    We are continually building a responsible and reliable company that is needed by users, employees, and society.