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Standard Weighing Scales

  • DS-166-WP01


    DS-166 assists accurate and speedy weighing operation with the following useful features. 
    - Bright LCD display with 1/150,000 resolution 
    - One touch/digital tare subtraction
    - Zero recall function 
    - Two set points for HIGH/OK/LOW
    - RS-232C interface link to PC
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  • DS-530-WP01


    DS-530 supports wide range of weighing operations in tough environments.
    - Large 5-digit display
    - Over 200 hours continuous use on six C-size dry cell batteries 
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  • DS-560-WP01


    The DS-560 offers a variety of weighing capacities to suit various applications, yet provides compact design, bright LED display and user-friendly features such as a one-touch  digital tare subtraction function.  Rechargeable batteries optionally available. 
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  • ds676ss_WP01_01


    The DS-676SS is an efficient and hygienic stainless-steel weighing scale, designed for easy cleaning. With a large LCD display for improved visibility and a low height for ease of loading and unloading, this scale is ideal for any professional setting.
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