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123 Mart


123 Mart embrace in-store automation with DIGI’s all-in-one solution

Aimed to bring affordable dry goods and frozen food to the heartlands, 123 Mart is helmed by 2nd generation entrepreneurs who gave birth to this community retail concept store as a way to expand and grow the family business.

With the parent company already established for its bulk food distribution to local food enterprises, 123 Mart’s management decided to bring the well-trusted food products directly to the consumers via convenient meal-ready portions.

Being a minimart, every metre has to be fully maximised in order to display more products. To help 123 Mart achieve this, DIGI’s compact prepack scale helps to ensure efficient prepacking at the backstore without compromising the floor space.

The versatile scale comes with a high-speed printer and a generous label roll to accommodate the large prepacking volume needed for each day.

Unlike conventional provision stores, maintaining a myriad of products at 123 Mart is never a challenge as DIGI’s DMC Cloud Backend Service allows the owners to remotely update new items to the system. The newly updated items will be synchronised across the prepack scale, POS system as well as the electronic shelf labels.

This gives the owners full control over the entire store, allowing them to keep both frontend and backend operations in check without having to waste precious manpower to update each areas individually.

As the cloud-based DMC is also synced to the store’s POS terminal, the owners can view the latest sales reports remotely, granting them the ability to react quicker to consumers’ buying habits and prepare their inventory accordingly.

Apart from tracking sales, the fully integrated system can also be used to wirelessly update prices of the electronic shelf labels, allowing dynamic promotions to be launched directly from the POS backend.

Through this complete DIGI solution, 123 Mart is able to operate efficiently in a manpower-lean format, allowing the owners to focus on both the physical store as well as their e-commerce platform with ease.


Business Needs:

  • Complete solution that can boost both frontend and backend operations



  • Cloud integration between POS system, Electronic Shelf Labels and Prepack Scale



  • Prepacked convenience with seamless weighing and labeling

  • Centralised procedure for product updates

  • Integrated inventory management solution

  • Swift and accurate price updates



Electronic Shelf Label
Prepack Scale
DMC Cloud Backend Service
Electronic Shelf Label


Customer Profile

Company: 123 Mart
Country: Singapore