Even with its built-in receipt printer, the space-saving A4 fits into counter space measuring about the size of a piece of standard A4 paper. The separate numeric keyboard next to the LCD touch panel provides superior operability, and receipts are rapidly delivered by the printer's horizontal delivery mechanism. Mechanical reliability is boosted by means of diskless, fanless construction.

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Delious Cloud

Cloud-based system provides centralized management of sales, purchasing, and attendance at food & beverage establishments. Track shop performance in real time.
Accessible from anywhere, with no need for expensive servers.

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Delious Pico-WP01

Delious Pico

De Delious Pico is een geïntegreerde POS-terminal. Deze POS draait op de SM-5500 software en is dus bijzonder geschikt om in combinatie te gebruiken met de gekende weegschalen. Bijvoorbeeld als afrekenpunt of als kassa in een beenhouwerij of bakkerij waar je ook apart moet kunnen afrekenen.

De Pico is uitgerust met een bonnenprinter en een full colour LCD om boodschappen aan je klanten door te geven.

Delious WIZ

Delious WIZ, a classic and compact POS terminal that offers both reliability and functionality to suit both quick serve and casual dinning restaurant businesses. Enjoy the flexibility to incorporate various integrated solutions to support your business operations.


With a sleek and stylish form factor that's only 500 mm wide, Delious LIO offers a new experience in self-order food ticket vending. With its large-size portrait-oriented touch-panel,  an industry first, Delious LIO makes self-ordering a delight. Not only can it help resolve serving personnel shortages that the hospitality industry currently faces, its multi-language capability provides a novel self-ordering solution that's ideally suited for inbound tourism.  


The OZONE generators sterilize and deodorize by generating ozone (O3). Mixed with either water or air, ozone is useful in a wide variety of applications for removing mold and slime, maintaining the freshness of vegetables, and repelling pests and vermin. Ozone is very economical, since it is produced electrically from oxygen that is present in the air. Leaving no harmful residue, it is environmentally friendly, and provides a convenient means of improving sanitation.

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