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Knightstown Meats & Catering


Out with conventional labels - in with Hi Touch e.Labels

Knightstown Meats & Catering, more commonly known as the Knightstown Locker, has built its business on butchering and selling locally raised cattle and hogs since 1971. Dan Titus and his wife, Denise, took over and expanded the business in 1988. Since then, their nephew and two sons have worked with them to grow the business to what it is today. Family-owned and operated with a small staff of dedicated employees that are like family.

Prior to working with DIGI America, Knightstown used conventional signage. After seeing DIGI’s linerless labels in action at Indiana Meat Packers & Processors Association (IMPPA), Knightstown was highly impressed. The flexibility and benefits of changing out labels half as often when working with a variety of label lengths always resulted in a clean look each time.

A demo of DIGI’s software was planned and e.Labels were further discussed. From the demo Knightstown knew this was a solution they needed in order to save time efficiently updating their pricing. The paper labels they were using could retain the commodity name, but pricing would continuously need to be manually changed. The process was tedious as each item would have to be updated individually.

"DIGI provides the perfect solution to Knightstowns’ by using our Hi Touch e.Labels that integrate pricing updates so when you revise your items in your scales, the prices in your case display can be updated as well. When utilizing DIGI software; all scales, and all e.Label updates can be sent at once. The new process saves time, and gives the case display an upscale fresh look.

Knightstown has now been using DIGI scales for about 7 months and it has revolutionized their business. Five scales are operated on a daily basis from retail scales to custom and wholesale labeling. The RSM software that accompanies the scales allows Knightstown complete control. Now updates can be made in one place and then disseminate to scales as seen best fit."

“Should we need to make a real-time change while in the midst of production, we can easily do it at the individual scale level. This technology is very powerful and after some on-the-job training, we feel it is very intuitive.”

In addition to seamless price changes, the e.Labels have a Hi Touch feature for accelerated PLU callup. Simply tapping the card will generate a PLU preset button on the scale for the operator. There is no longer a need to search for the items or remember the PLU number. “This system has allowed us to increase our internal proficiency thus increasing our overall productivity.”

“We especially love the e.Label capabilities which we utilize with our 21-foot fresh meat case. By just a touch of the e.Label we can simply push one button on the scale then print a label. No searching for a product just a simple touch on top of the e.Label.”

This is a big advantage when new employees are hired. It also allows for greater interaction with the customer and expedites the check-out process resulting in less wait time."


Customer Profile

Company : Knightstown Meats & Catering
Country : United States of America
Website : https://knightstownmeats.com