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Delious WIZ PLUS

Compact Yet Powerful POS Solution

Delious WIZ PLUS, offers both reliability and functionality to meet various operational needs for speciality retail store and takeaway kiosk. 
Enjoy the flexibility to incorporate various integrated solutions to support your business operations. 

Intuitive User Interface

Capitalise on the 11.6" capacitive touch screen which can be configured according to operation requirements. 
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Pop Up Function Key

Quick access to amend item quantity and input price discount. 
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7" LCD Customer Display

Real-time display of ordered items promotes transparency and effective communication.

Maximise the customer display for branding purposes by featuring signature product images.
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DIGI Cloud Solution (DMC)

DMC allows operators to consolidate and manage multiple store reports remotely.

Operators can set or amend PLU information via the Cloud easily. 
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Currency Authenticator

Protect the business profits by accurately identifying counterfeit notes with built-in UV light feature.
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Electronic Signage Solution

Ensure price consistency between signage and checkout by utilising high contract ePaper displays.

Available in various sizes, the electronic signage is able to customise product description and update price wirelessly. 
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