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SM-6000SSP and e.Sense

Food Land Halal Market


e.Sense efficiency that just makes sense!

Food Land International is the largest South Asian and Southeast Asian supermarket in Massachusetts. With 100% Halal-certified meats, fresh fish and vegetables, Food Land caters to their community and provides foods and spices from home.

4 locations in the Massachusetts area, one of these utilizing a DIGI Wrapper, DIGI America Sales Representative, Barry Cartier reached out to Food Land Owner, Jamal Uddin. Due to the quality of DIGI products, Jamal was eager to talk with Barry, leading to the installation of the SM-6000 + e.Sense.

Jamal mentioned “The spices our customers use in their cooking is an important part of their lives, taste, and memory. Providing an ability to allow our customers access to these items without tying up one of our employees is a perfect solution for us.”

Before the installation of DIGI America’s SM-6000 Self-Service weighing scale with e.Sense Solution, Food Land was using a system that caused waste, error, and time. This caused a negative impact on the customers’ bulk area shopping experience. Spices are a main purchase in his community; therefore this area needs to be efficient and reliable.

Previously, Loose items were scooped and then weighed on a scale; customers did not know the price until they were at the register ready to check out. Jamal mentioned a common issue they faced were customers moving to the front of the checkout line, stopping operation, and asking for the price on their loose bagged items.

The old system required employees to manually search PLUs for each item (10-20sec / item). This process led to line traffic and customers losing patience. Employees were trained to learn PLUs, but it was time-consuming, costly and errors were still made due to accidents.

With the installation of DIGI’s self-service scale, customers dispense their own items into a bag or reusable container. The scale placed next to the 48 containers automatically picks up the item being dispensed.

The e.Sense feature is utilized where the sensor is on the knob of the dispenser. As the customer turns the knob, the Self-Service Scale will automatically generate the item PLU, weight, and price on the display screen. 

Customer simply selects the print button and has their label with them ready for checkout. No more cutting in front and stopping the flow of operation.

Food Land customized their display to have their logo and label for an item stay on the screen for up to 30 seconds.

Previously, an employee was always stationed at the loose item area in case of confusion, food waste and for security.  They have now eliminated the need for an employee in that area and can utilize them for more needed tasks.


Customer Profile

Company: Food Land Halal Market
Country: United States of America