The latest in-line automatic wrapping system to meet various layout options

W-5600CPR is an automatic in-line wrapping system offering a maximum 30 packages/minute throughput in a compact form factor (W: 1,060mm x D: 1,271mm).
A key feature of this system is that wrapped items exit at the rear of the machine.
Ideal for stores or processing plants with limited space, W-5600CPR gives you greater flexibility in implementing production lines for your processing work, so you can raise productivity to an even higher level.
Effort-saving features include easy film roll replacement and improved operability. And parts that are in contact with the package during handling are removable for easy cleaning. So, you can always be confident that your operation is hygienic.

Optimized packaging line layout by outfeed options

W-5600CPR enables a variety of product movement patterns by adding optional output conveyors.
You can also add your existing weighing and labeling equipment, to make the processing flow speedier and more efficient.
These capabilities help you construct the most efficient processing line possible in a limited space and reduce both the time and effort required for packaging.

A beautiful package finish that makes fresh foods look even fresher

A tray pressor firmly presses down on the item as it exits the unit on the improved-design long heater conveyor, ensuring that the film is securely attached to the underside of the tray.
This gives the packaged item a beautiful finish by preventing the film from peeling, wrinkling, or sagging and offers a particularly attractive presentation.

Easy roll replacement for fitting the right size of film

Choose from four film sizes (50mm pitch) to ideally match the size of the product.
Replacing film rolls is much simpler compared to previous models, taking operability to the next level.
By using the right film size for the product, you can reduce film waste and guarantee a consistently beautiful package finish.

Designed with cleanliness in mind

Parts that carry the package and can easily get dirty, such as the elevator heads can be easily removed for cleaning.
Also, parts made out of stainless steel or antibacterial materials can be thoroughly cleaned using just water.
In work areas that handle perishables, where constant attention must be paid to hygiene, W-5600CPR is a wrapping system you can use with confidence.

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