OZONE Series
improves sanitation in workplaces and kitchens

The OZONE generators sterilize and deodorize by generating ozone (O3). Mixed with either water or air, ozone is useful in a wide variety of applications for removing mold and slime, maintaining the freshness of vegetables, and repelling pests and vermin. Ozone is very economical, since it is produced electrically from oxygen that is present in the air. Leaving no harmful residue, it is environmentally friendly, and provides a convenient means of improving sanitation.

Strong disinfecting power

Ozone kills bacteria it touches by breaking down cell walls through direct oxidation. This kills bacteria quickly, and does not create resistant strains. Bacteria can be easily be eliminated by using ozone water in place of tap water. Rooms can be disinfected by fumigating them with ozone gas. Since ozone returns to oxygen upon reaction, it leaves no residue to be rinsed away and is friendly to the environment.

Strong deodorizing power

Ozone is a powerful deodorizer, dissolving odorous substances resulting from decay by direct oxidation. Deodorizing efficacy can be maintained further by direct application of ozone water.

Remove slime from floors and drainage channels

Washing floors with ozone water effectively removes slime from floor surfaces and drainage channels and helps to prevent re-accumulation.

Helps prevent food poisoning

Secondary contamination is considered the source of about 80% of food poisonings. Such contamination can easily be prevented by always washing hands and cooking implements with ozone water and using ozone gas at night to kill floating bacteria.

Repel pests and vermin

Ample use of ozone water and ozone gas helps keep surroundings clean by repelling vermin such as rats and cockroaches.

Keep food fresh

Ozone is an approved food additive in countries such as the U.S. and Japan, and can be added directly to food as a disinfectant when cleaning. Since ozone rapidly reverts to oxygen, it does not leave any residue in food after cleaning, and does not have any effect on taste. Ozone water helps keep vegetables fresh, and can be used to thaw frozen foods.

Service system assurance

Ozone concentration in water cannot be determined visually, so periodic inspection with specialized instruments is essential. Full service support is available for OZONE Series products, so you can be sure that you are getting the full benefit of ozone's properties.
OZONE Series products are also equipped with a variety of indicators to alert users to errors and indicate when parts require replacement.

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