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Be free from limits. Be free from the status quo.



Main Features

Let SM-6000 redefines user experience with our state-of-the-art innovation! Fully equipped with the latest technologies and enchanting features that provides smooth and efficient practicality for both operators and shoppers. Generate additional revenue and brand awareness with 15” high contrast colour customers display.

Relish in the swift updating speed of e.Labels with Hi-Touch or InfoTags. The low-profile platter and anti-stick operator screen with capacitive touch is one of the many features designed for this model. 

Reinvent the daily experience with the latest SM-6000 scale today!

SM-6000 – A PC scale with innovative design and three groundbreaking technologies

Be Free from Limits, the SM-6000 is equipped with 3 unique technologies that free up end users’ time and space, challenging the status quo. The SM-6000’s unique and functional design allows for a pleasant and customer-centric shopping experience. 


e.Sense is a motion-activated sensor that can be installed on container or dispenser to transmit the PLU code automatically to the SM-6000. 

Easy to set up, this eliminates error and effectively reduces shrinkage while allowing ground staff to be deployed to other high-value activities such as inventory management.


With the SM-6000, customers can enjoy a sustainable and packaging-free shopping experience by bringing their own containers. The SM-6000 uses radio frequency identification technology to detect the container's registered tare weight through its RFID sticker label, allowing customers to purchase only the amount they need, preventing unnecessary wastage for both retailers and consumers.


e.Label Hi-Touch remote preset keys

Do away with preset keys by using the tap sensor technology. Operators can now easily call up the correct PLU via the e.Label with Hi-Touch. The responsive and competent system reduces human errors and eliminates the need to memorise PLU numbers.

Equipped with the IP67 rating, e.Label is dust and water resistant and is compatible for use with all DIGI PC scales. It is designed with a high contrast ePaper display, ensuring high screen readability for your customers. Engage with your customers by customising with QR codes that can be accessed through a smartphone. 


Speed ID

Replace manual key in of a clerk password with the near field identification feature that offers a hassle-free user login. It also prevents unauthorised access while the built-in operational log ensures accountability and transparency. 


Linerless labels with auto-cutter

Fit in twice as many label prints on a single label roll without the liner film sheet and enjoy zero backing paper waste at work! Create different label prints of variable lengths at ease and reduce roll replacement for workplace efficiency. 

Revel in extra savings on storage and logistics costs as linerless labels require lesser storage space.


Portrait screen with Capacitive touch

Portrait display has never been more comfortable! Operators can now fully utilise the display screen with videos for advertisements and branding. 

Designed to mimic user's daily experience with smartphone and electronic gadgets, the capacitive touch is highly responsive and is easy to clean. 


Queue management

Redefine customers’ queuing experience with effective queue management solution! Queue management keeps customers informed of their queue status, cutting down waiting time and minimises walkaways.

Operators can also monitor queue status through queue indicator to manage customer flow efficiently. 



Waste management

Track and managed wastage effortlessly with indicative reports from SM-6000! Wastage can be accurately captured by expiry date or weight of items. 

Our solution helps your business boost profitability and reduce unnecessary waste with an in-depth understanding of customers shopping patterns with these reports.


Power saving

In line with the 80PLUS silver credential, SM-6000 let businesses enjoy savings on electricity during operation hours!



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Capacity Max 6kg Max 15kg/ 30lb Max 30kg
Single Interval 1/ 3,000 e= 2g e= 5g/ 0.01lb e= 10g
1/ 6,000 or 1/ 7,500 e= 1g e= 2g e= 5g
Capacity Max 3/ 6kg Max 6kg/ 15kg Max 15kg/ 30kg
Multi Interval 1/ 3,000 e= 1/ 2g e= 2/ 5g e= 5/ 10g


Display Resolution 1/ 3,000, 1/ 6,000, 1/ 7,500
Keyboard 18 x Keypad (For 8" Operator only)
Label / Receipt Types Linerless With Auto-Cutter
Label / Receipt Roll Diameter Max 95mm
Label / Receipt Print Width Max 60mm
Label / Receipt Paper Width Max 62mm
Label / Receipt Printing Speed Max 150mm / second*
Label / Receipt Print Resolution  300 dpi
Power Source Compiled to 80PLUS Power Saving**
Operating Temperature -10°C to +40°C
Humidity 15% to 85% RH Non-Condensation
Standard Interface  Ethernet 10/ 100 Base T, 4 x USB 2.0, RJ11 
*   To achieve maximum print speed, high sensitivity thermal paper is necessary. Contact DIGI for details.
** 100-120Vac Gold   (North America, Canada and Japan)
    210-240Vac Silver (European, UK and most of Asia)

Model Type Dimension  W x D x H (mm) Operator display Customer display Net weight
SM-6000 EV Elevated  364 x 464 x 606 8" TFT WVGA with
Capacitive Touch
(480 x 800)
8" TFT WVGA (480 x 800) 13.3 kg
SM-6000 EV PLUS 411 x 460 x 766 15" TFT XGA (768 x 1024) 14.9 kg
SM-6000 EV (15) 411 x 464 x 762 15" TFT XGA with
Capacitive Touch
(768 x 1024)
8" TFT WVGA (480 x 800) 14.9 kg
SM-6000EV(15) PLUS 411 x 460 x 766 15" TFT XGA (768 x 1024) 17.4 kg
SM-6000 EV HC High Counter 518 x 284 x 429 8" TFT WVGA with
Capacitive Touch
(480 x 800)
8" TFT WVGA (480 x 800) 12.5 kg
SM-6000 EV HC PLUS 636 x 284 x 459 15" TFT XGA (768 x 1024) 14.1 kg
SM-6000EV (15) HC 586 x 284 x 576 15" TFT XGA with
Capacitive Touch
(768 x 1024)
8" TFT WVGA (480 x 800) 14.1 kg
SM-6000 SSP Self-Service 364 x 464 x 762 14.9 kg
SM-6000 SSR (8) 515 x 284 x 549 8" TFT WVGA with Capacitive Touch
(480 x 800)
13.7 kg
SM-6000 SSR (15) 583 x 284 x 708 15" TFT XGA with
Capacitive Touch
(768 x 1024)
15.6 kg



Elevated type with high-mount customer display



SSP type

SM-6000 SSP



Factory options

2nd Receipt Printer

Options Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, e.Label with Hi-Touch, InfoTag, e.Sense, Queue Printer, Base Station
Factory Option  2nd Receipt Printer except all the PC Based Self-Service System Scale Printer, Auto Tilt Sensor, Speed ID

Case Studies

Case study


Tommy modernises newly renovated hypermarket with DIGI’s innovative technologies

Tommy d.o.o.

Tommy is one of the largest retail chains in the Republic of Croatia. The newly renovated hypermarket in Split implemented DIGI's innovative retail solutions to create the best customer experience.

Bevan’s Butchers

With the four stores scattered across Southeast England, DIGI Management Console gives Bevan’s Butchers a competitive edge as they are able to react immediately to any price volatility in the market without having to physically visit each store.

SM-6000: One Scale, Endless Possibilities

Slagerij Hendrik en Erika

"Our payment process has improved significantly. The SM-6000 brought great flexibility and speed to our operations, offering customers multiple payment options to complete their transactions at the shortest time." -Slagerij Hendrik en Erika

SM-6000 First installation in Greece

Katefidis Stavros

Katefidis Stavros, is an independent butcher store, the owner’s find SM-6000 scale appealing and has an interest in the design and especially the display size and orientation of the scale.

Newitt's of Thame

“We have changed things greatly, and with the COVID situation it has been a different business model to what we were previously doing… We have to try and adapt, and now we have the systems in place that will allow us to change if we need to, should the situation worsen. “ – Tom Newitt

DIGI integrated solutions enhance customer experience in FairPrice’s largest hypermarket


“A perennial supporter of DIGI's integrated weighing solutions, FairPrice is delighted to leverage DIGI’s expertise once again to strengthen its commitment in providing convenience to customers”.

SM-6000SSR makes its first inauguration in largest supermarket chains in Italy


“We were able to integrate DIGI weighing instruments with other value-added solutions, such as queue management kiosks and multi-channel communication”. -Fabio Calafato, PAC2000A IT system manager

First Pilot Cheese Connoisseur Store opens in the Netherlands with SM-6000


The founder was happy when we introduce the SM-6000 & ESL to them. He mentions “It’s the technology that is professional and modern that goes with the time”.

DIGI solutions change the rules of the game for future retail supermarkets

Unicoop Tirreno

“SM-6000 is for high-end users, who wants to add design and new features to the store concept”. -Federico Tanesini, Manging Director of DIGI Italia

SM-6000 installation for Athienitis Supermarket

Agrokipiotis Butchery

Stepping up their game in modern retail with SM-6000 and ESL installation.

Rejuvenate local’s largest specialty butcher store with the latest SM-6000

Huber's Butchery

Mr Ernst Huber, Chairman of Huber’s Butchery, is particularly fond of the 15” customer display. He mentioned “large customer display with excellent resolution” helps to keep customers entertained while they are waiting to be served.

Game changer for AlphaMega Hypermarkets with SM-6000

Alphamega Hypermarket

New retail solutions to remain competitive.

Independent retailers explore new retail solutions to stay competitive

Unal Butchery

New retail solutions to stay competitive.

Technology-driven concept store featuring the latest SM-6000 scale and ESL

Cold Storage Fusionopolis

Mr Rolex, store manager of One North Cold Storage shared that the “sleek, unique and modern outlook of SM-6000” completes the futuristic store concept, the first fully self-checkout store in Singapore.

Reinvents the traditional business and experience with new retail innovation through SM-6000EV scale

Dish The Fish

The new age fishmongers reinvents daily operations and customers experience with the revolutionary SM-6000 scale and e.Labels with hi-touch.