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Shopping has never been more enjoyable
Checkout is smooth and easy – just 30 seconds and you GO!

DIGI Shop&Go


Main Features

Shoppers scan items using their smartphone as they shop. Then payment at the self-payment station takes just 30 seconds! DIGI Shop&Go creates a brand new shopping experience that dramatically reduces a major source of stress for shoppers – waiting in line to check out.

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Checkout time goes from 11 minutes down to 30 seconds!

Compared to checkout at a conventional POS register, DIGI Shop&Go can cut checkout time (including bagging time by shoppers) from around 11 minutes down to just 30 seconds. With DIGI Shop & Go, by the time shoppers reach checkout they have already scanned their items and placed them in their own shopping bag, so there’s no time wasted on bagging items.


Works as an addon to your existing POS system

DIGI Shop & Go works seamlessly with your existing POS system. Cash register operation does not change – no special procedures are needed for introducing the system.
And, because the system is cloud-based, you can begin with a small start of just a single store for one customer.


Handles fresh produce and items sold by weight

DIGI designs and manufactures 100% of its POS registers, scales, and ESL products, so Shop & Go works perfectly with our scales and ESLs. When thinking about introducing self-checkout, consider DIGI's simple and elegant solution for handling fresh produce and items sold by weight, a hurdle that has challenged POS manufacturers for years. 
Also, you can locate the DIGI payment stations so they can be closely monitored. It can be combined with scales with built-in security features.


Accepts a wide range of payment methods, including cashless payment

DIGI offers two payment station models, one that handles a range of payment methods that includes cash, and one that is entirely cashless.



Supported iOS Devices iPhone7 / iPhone7 Plus / iPhone8 / iPhone8 Plus / iPhoneXR / iPhoneXS / iPhoneXS Max
● Compatible OS version: iOS12
Supported Android Devices Pixel / HTC Life U11 (Android 8)
● Compatible OS version: 7.0 and later
Other Requirements ● Language: Japanese
● Functions: Camera, GPS, and Bluetooth (only when connecting to a scale)


Option Features
Smartphone Dock Shoppers can place their smartphone in the dock so they can shop hands-free.
Own Shopping Bag Fits the shopping basket perfectly for maximum storage capacity.
Pending Item Bag Shoppers that have trouble when scanning an item can place it in this bag and receive assistance at checkout time.
Mobile Battery Dedicated portable battery charger for shoppers so they do not run down their smartphone battery as they shop.
Charging Station Simultaneously charges up to 30 mobile batteries.