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Compact manual weigh labeling system


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Main Features

The DPS-800s is a compact manual weigh labeling system. The large color touch screen is mounted in a strong stainless steel case. Optional printers, scales and stand makes this a robust versatile machine.


Color touch screen

The DPS-800s has a large color touch screen which aids easy programming of product information and recalling the required plu. When mounted in the optional stand the angle of the screen is adjustable for the correct viewing angle for the operator.


Robust stainless steel casing

The DPS-800s console has a robust stainless steel outer casing with various external communication ports for easy connection to other equipment. USB, waterproof scale connection and two RJ45 sockets (printer and network) are fitted as standard with an RS232 option.


DPS-800s operation system

The DPS800s uses an industrial PC utilising embedded software on a Windows® operating system. This offers a flexible integration for bi-directional communication in XML format to back-office server data collection, programming and line monitoring.



  • dps800s_WP05_01
  • dps800s_WP05_02


Capacity Capacity and interval is dependent on scale platform connected
Single Interval


Screen 12.1 color high brightness TFT LCD
Touch panel Sealed resistive touch screen

Operation and general specification using standard DIGI printer

Print head 80mm at 300dpi
Print method Direct thermal
Print speed 50 to 200mm/sec
Label size Width: 30 to 80mm, height: 28 to 80mm
Label roll Max. 190mm diameter, 38 & 76mm core, inside/outside wound



Scale platforms

Various scale platforms can be connected to the DPS-800s and is dependent on the capacity required for the machine. Typical capacity/intervals for the S-WP series scales are 6kg/2g, 15kg/5g, 30kg/10g. Other higher capacity scales are also available.


The DPS-800 and optional printer can be mounted onto a stand.

DPS-800 with optional printer

Ethernet communication of the DPS allows easy connection to other types of printers.


  • What is the temperature range the DPS-800s can work in?
    The climatic environment temperature range for the DPS-800s is -10°C to +40°C.
  • Can the DPS-800 be networked?
    Yes, the DPS-800 has an RJ45 socket for network connection.