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High speed print and apply system


Food Industry

Main Features

The HC-700 series machines are a PC based high speed print and apply system. Variations cater for application of label to the top and the base of the product.  
The flexibility of this PC based machine allows easy integration with existing machines and networking.
Color touch screen for easy and quick programming and plu selection


Compact strong design

The compact single frame design of the HC-700E allows this machine to be fitted into production lines where line length is limited - Compact design. The stainless steel construction ensures a high quality, strong and durable structure.


PC touch screen

PC touch screen mounted in strong stainless steel cabinet.


HC-700E operation system

The HC-700E uses an industrial PC utilising embedded software on a Windows® operating system. This offers a flexible integration for bi-directional communication in XML format to back-office server data collection, programming and line monitoring - PC Based, Widnows Operating system


Low cost industrial printer

The LC labeler is the standard print and apply labeler for the HC-700E.
This labeler has an 80mm, 300dpi thermal head and air box applicator offering in motion weighing.



  • HC-700E-WP05-1
  • HC-700E-WP05-2
  • HC-700E-WP05-3


Screen 12.1 colour high brightness TFT LCD
Touch panel Sealed resistive touch screen

Operation and general specification

Standard conveyor length 900mm
Conveyor speed Independent control via potentiometer  0 to 50m/min

Pack size

Pack size capable Width: 40 to 250mm, Height: 180mm maximum


Label size Width: 36 to 90mm, Height: 40 to 105mm
Label roll max 300mm diameter, 36mm & 76mm core, inside/outside wound
Label application system air box
Print speed 50 to 200mm/sec
Print head 80mm at 300dpi





HC-700 with standard pole mounted touch screen. Rear mounted electrical cabinet and a choice of labeler types.

HC with top and bottom labeling


The HC-700 top and bottom machine incorporates a base labeler in a compact design within the HC-700 series tubular frame.
The four transport belts of the base applicator carry the labels smoothly onto the bottom of the pack.

HC-700 with twin top labeling

HC-700 twin top

The versatile modular design of the HC 700 series allows a second labeler to be added giving dual top labeling functionality for the HC.



Labeler option - Classic type

80mm or 108mm thermal head both being 11.8dots/mm (300dpi)

Applicators: touch, air box, concave shoe, stamp
Label size: Width: 30 to 120 mm, Height: 28 to 150mm
Label roll: Roll diameter 300mm, Core diameter 76mm, Outside or inside wound
Print speed: 50 to 260mm/sec

Labeler option - Cassette type

Separate cassette units are pre-loaded with the required labels to obtain quick label changes.
Hinged label applicator: allows the label applicator to be moved away from the thermal head area for good access for thermal head cleaning / inspection
Thermal head sizes: 80mm at 11.8dots/mm (300dpi)
Applicator: 11 finger touch
Label size: Width: 40 to 80 mm, Height: 28 to 80mm
Label roll: Roll diameter 190mm, Core diameter 76mm, Outside or inside wound 

Additional printers

The flexibility of the HC-700E allows other industrial type printers that support TCP/IP communication to be connected.

Label applicators

When using the classic or high speed labeler there is a range of label applicators to reliably apply many shapes and sizes of labels to the pack.

Labeler option - High speed

80mm or 108mm thermal head both being 11.8dots/mm (300dpi)
Applicators: touch, air box
Label size: Width: 30 to 120 mm, Height: 28 to 150mm
Label roll: Roll diameter 300mm, Core diameter 76mm, Outside or inside wound
Print speed: 50 to 260mm/sec
near edge printing


  • HC-700E-WP09-1
  • HC-700E-WP09-2
  • Gravity outfeed rollersA gravity roller kit can be fixed to the infeed / outfeed of the machine.Two lengths are available.Once fixed to the machine the angle of which the roller assembly sits can be adjusted.
  • HC-700E-WP09-4

  • HC-700E-WP09-5
  • Frame heightTo cater for various height production lines, there are three frame height options. The standard height frame gives a conveyor height range of 755-920mm, the medium frame 850-1015mm and the tall frame option gives a conveyor height range of 945-1110mm.
  • HC-700E-WP09-7

Case Studies

Case study


Barnies Foods fulfil the European Food Information to Consumers Regulation No.1169/2011 with DIGI HC-700


Barnies Foods Ltd. is an independent bakery in England. They produce sandwiches, cakes, and bread, to supply to local retailers and filling stations. As a long-standing customer of DIGI Europe, Barnies of Watton contacted DIGI Europe to supply them with a machine to help them fulfill the European Food Information to Consumers Regulation No. 1169/2011 (FIC).


  • Can the flow direction of the machine be left to right or right to left?
    The machine can be built to either flow direction.
  • Can the labeler use thermal ribbon?
    A thermal transfer ribbon kit can be fitted to the Classic labeler to allow the use of thermal ribbon.
  • Is the HC a weighing machine?
    The standard range of HC machines do not weigh, they are a print and apply machine.