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A state-of-the-art general purpose automatic thermal labeler that handles a wide variety of label formats


Food Industry

Main Features

AP-800 is an automatic thermal labeler that realizes sophisticated functionality and outstanding operability. Label formats can be easily created on a large-size color display and then printed using simple operations. We completely revamped the basic functionality to allow more accurate and efficient operation in an easy-to-clean, space-saving form factor. 


Realizing more advanced labeling

AP-800 realizes improved speed and precision compared to conventional labelers. The top labeler uses a rotating applicator, so a label angle can be set for each master. We also added an array of features to fundamentally improve the performance of the print/apply functionality, to further advance daily labeling operations.


Compatible with raised bottom trays

With tray shapes becoming more varied, certain tray types, such as raised-bottom trays, may pose a challenge when applying a label to the tray bottom. In addition to making the conveyor flat to stabilize tray movement, AP-800 includes two additional mechanisms,  a  physical assist and an air blow assist, for applying bottom labels. You can select which to use according to the product weight and the shape of the tray bottom; the unit can handle trays with raised bottoms of up to 15 mm.


Easy to replace consumables and easy cleaning!

A dedicated mode for replacing the platen roller has been added, where the roller moves to a position where it can be easily replaced without special tools. 
In addition, a flat-panel LCD with excellent visibility and operability is adopted, making cleaning that much easier.


Flexible and easy label design

AP-800 provides dedicated software for customizing label formats that is easy to use even for beginners. You create label formats and a product database on a PC and then transfer the data to the labeler using a USB memory.



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Label Applicator type U UB B
Printing method Thermal printing (300dpi)
Label print speed Max. 200 mm/sec.
Package size Width 50 to 240 mm
Length 50 to 350mm 70 to 350 mm
Height 15 to 190 mm
Label size Upper Applicator
*Standard applicator
Width 40 to 80 mm
Length 28 to 100 mm
Upper Applicator
*Rotary applicator
Width 40 to 80 mm
Length 28 to 100 mm
Bottom Applicator Width 40 to 80 mm
Length 28 to 130 mm
Label outer diameter
Max. φ190 mm
(Core inner diameter φ76 mm)
Dimensions of main unit Width 750 mm
Length Standard applicator 670 mm 640 mm
Rotary applicator 680 mm
(Min. Height)
Standard applicator 1410 mm 1410 mm
Rotary applicator 1550 mm
Conveyor Height 800 mm ± 50 mm
Direction of product flow Right flow or Left flow
Power supply 100V Single phase
Power consumption 235 W 340 W 185 W
Conveyer speed (m/min.) 5.5 to 50 (Variable)
Air consumption Upper Applicator Max 1.61 ℓ/ sheet
Bottom Applicator Max 2.36 ℓ/ sheet
Weight of main unit 115 kg 135 kg 90 kg
Noise level Max. 83 dB
Operating temperature 5 ℃ to 35 ℃ (without condensation)



Split conveyor

Suitable for bags and thin products.

Option Features
Head checker Checks for thermal head wear to help ensure good quality printing.