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Bruno Group Gasoline Service Station


24-hour stores get a competitive edge through flexible pricing with DIGI ESLs

“I always had to go to the head office to get the paper labels. With the digitalization of the DIGI labels, we have no problem anymore.”

Dino Tofoni, Shop Manager

Bruno is a chain of 17 service stations in the Limburg region of the Netherlands. The stores are open 24 hours a day and must operate efficiently no matter what time of day. New products or changes in products required an employee to drive to the head office and pick up updated paper labels, which then had to be changed out manually. With the introduction of DIGI ESLs, the necessity of printing and manually replacing the paper labels was eliminated, saving time for employees and improving the efficiency of store operations.
Another benefit for the Belgian service station chain, was the opportunity to implement strategic pricing. The stores provide fresh foods, and were looking for ways to compete with fresh food stores and supermarkets. With ESLs, prices can be adjusted instantaneously without the need to print separate labels. This allows Bruno to take advantage of flexible pricing and utilize its strength as a 24-hour business to compete with fresh food stores in the surrounding area.

Business Needs:

Improve efficiency of store operations, increase ability to compete with fresh food stores and supermarkets


DIGI ESLs utilize remote control technology, allowing prices to be adjusted quickly and easily, even in stores with few staff


  • Prices are updated electronically, saving the time of handling printed labels

  • Adjusting prices from the server provides the flexibility to implement strategic pricing, giving stores a competitive advantage to improve sales


Customer Profile

Company: Bruno Group (Gasoline Service Station)
Country: Belgium