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Mahmoud Elfar


Putting customer satisfaction at the forefront with DIGI’s Queue Management Solution

Mahmoud Elfar Market is no stranger to Egypt’s grocery shoppers, thanks to its large selection of affordable local groceries and wide range of premium imported products.

After establishing a strong foothold in the Port Said since its inception, the supermarket chain launched a flagship hypermarket in May 2021 in Egypt’s capital, Cairo.

To ensure that the new 24-hour hypermarket offers a top-notch shopping experience, Mahmoud Elfar Market has decided to incorporate a total of 17 DIGI PC-based scales comprising of 9 units of SM-5300L Pole variant and 8 units of SM-5300 X which included 4 Pole variant, 2 Elevated variant as well as 2 Hanging variant to match the different demands in each department.

Being more than just a retail scale, each DIGI scale is perfect not only for its easy-to-navigate user interface and pleasant weighing experience but also for the DIGI solutions that are included along with the scale.

One of the most impactful integrated solutions is the Queue Management solution which helps the store to establish a multi-department queue system. With the Meat, Seafood and Deli departments all synced seamlessly to the 10 smart TVs located along the different aisles in the hypermarket, shoppers are able have their items simultaneously processed in different department while enjoying the freedom to view their queue numbers conveniently regardless of where they are at.

Service quality and waiting time are also enhanced as operators can focus on processing the items with minimal distractions. Queue numbers can also be displayed clearly on the scale’s large 10.1’’ customer display, saving the operators from the hassle of calling out to the shoppers verbally.

The Queue Management solution also proves to be extremely beneficial in minimising in-store physical contact during this post-pandemic times. Shoppers no longer have to wait physically in line, allowing the store to promote social distance for everyone’s safety while minimising walkaways during peak periods.

The store can now push out department-specific promotions anytime throughout the day in just a few simple clicks from the weighing scales. The InfoTag’s 4.2’’ display ensures that prices and key product information are shown clearly even from a distance while its splashproof and dustproof features make it extremely durable regardless of the department it is deployed at.

Being a first-time user of DIGI’s retail solutions, Mahmoud Elfar Market is able to experience immediate improvement in its queue management and price updates, which contributed to a significant increase in its profitability and created the premium shopping experience that keeps its shoppers coming back for more.


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Company: Mahmoud Elfar Market
Country: Egypt